The Flu/Covid Scam Remains an Unparalleled Threat to Public Health

The Flu/Covid Scam Remains an Unparalleled Threat to Public Health

Stephen Lendman  /  stephenlendman

Along with US/Western regimes and World Economic Forum (WEF), the WHO is a diabolical threat to public health.

Eminent retired physician Vernon Coleman slammed the organization for “spreading lies” about kill shots and all else flu/covid related.

In cahoots with US/Western dark forces, it played a leading role in creating global fear.

It aided and abetted the mass-jabbing scam with health-destroying kill shots.

According to Coleman, what’s gone on for nearly the past two-and-a-half years “will result in hundreds of millions of deaths” worldwide.

More below on the latest WHO scheme with more greatly harming public health than already in mind.

Coleman also debunked the myth of so-called “long (flu/)covid (sic),” saying:

MSM “ignored the fact that the biggest and most significant research into long (flu/)covid, involving 26,000 individuals, concluded that long covid is largely a psychological problem.”

“People who had taken a year off work on full pay didn’t want to go back to their offices.”

“The evidence shows that long (flu/)covid is a combination of hypochondria and malingering.”

Indisputable evidence “proved beyond doubt that there was never a (flu/)covid pandemic.”

What’s deceptively called covid has been “rebranded flu” all along.

The myth of long flu/covid provides cover for harm to health from kill shots — falsely blaming garden variety flu for health-destroying toxins they contain.

Separately in cahoots with US/Western dark forces and the WEF, the WHO wants to usurp power over public health worldwide.

According to World Council for Health steering committee member, Shabnam Palesa:

The WHO scheme “is a threat to the sovereignty and inalienable rights” of nation states and ordinary people everywhere.

“It increases the WHO’s suffocating power to declare unjustified pandemics, impose dehumanizing lockdowns, and enforce expensive, unsafe, and ineffective treatments against the will of the people.”

It’s a “one-size-fits all” scam — with more greatly destroying public health than already in mind, along with more greatly enriching Pharma and other super-rich segments of US/Western societies.

If approved by a majority of — US heavily pressured — UN member states, tyranny will take a giant leap forward.

In late May, a vote will be held on the scam.

The chosen date is at a time when world attention is focused on Russia’s SMO in Ukraine.

If approved, it could compromise the right of individual sovereignty over our own bodies.

There’s nothing remotely legal, moral or ethical about what’s going on.

Yet if the scheme and amendments relating to it are approved, they’ll become international law before yearend 2022.

Separately according to CNN/WaPo medical fraudster Leana Wen — paid to lie and suppress truths about kill shots and all else flu/covid:

If “fully (jabbed) and not boosted…definitely…get (a) booster dose (sic),” falsely adding:

“(I)t’s essential to maintaining strong protection against severe disease (sic).”

Polar opposite is indisputable reality.

The more jabs gotten, the greater the irreparable harm to health.

Jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of flu/covid outbreaks.

Kill shots also increase vulnerability to contracting one or more serious diseases, including cancer.

The vast majority of reported deaths from flu/covid in the US/West have been from kill shots.

All of the above is why they’re crucial to avoid.

They risk enormous harm to health and no protection.

Wen knowingly and maliciously lied, claiming:

Jabs “provide excellent protection against severe illness due to” flu/covid (sic).

Separately, the scourge of monster Fauci remains an ominous threat to public health.

On the same day, he said the following:

“We are…out of the (nonexistent/invented) pandemic phase,” hours later saying:

“We certainly can’t say the (fake) pandemic is over (sic).”

What never existed “is not over (sic).”

“(W)e are not out of the woods (sic).”

“This is not going to be eradicated (sic), and it’s not going to be eliminated (sic).”

In cahoot with Pharma profiteers — and with his own self-interest in mind — Fauci pushes forever jabbing with health-destroying toxins once or twice annually to cull world populations of unwanted billions of people.

Along with enriching Pharma and other dark forces, that’s what the mother of all state-sponsored scams is all about.

It has nothing to do with protecting public health as falsely claimed — just the opposite.

Separately on Thursday, producer of gene-altering mRNA kill jobs, Moderna, called for the Pharma-controlled FDA to approve jabs for children aged-6 months to 6 years.

A company press release defied reality with maximum profit-making in mind, falsely claiming:

Its “interim analysis showed a robust neutralizing antibody response in” the above age group (sic), adding:

So-called “results from the KidCOVE study are good news for parents of children under 6 years of age (sic).”

Based on science, not politics or profits, nothing remotely justifies jabbing anyone with toxins designed to destroy health.

Eminent physician Meryl Nass said the following in response to Moderna’s claims:

Nothing justifies an alleged “need to (jab) small children with an experimental” drug.

It “fails to meet the standards FDA published.”

“There is no evidence it prevents severe disease and its safety is a mystery.”

Flu/covid jabs “did not prevent death.”

They “didn’t prevent hospitalization.”

They “didn’t prevent severe disease.”

The only “emergency” that exists is invented, not real.

Everyone jabbed — in all age groups — was irreparably harmed.

For some, harm showed up straightaway or in days or weeks later.

In others, it’s coming later in the form of serious illnesses in one form or other.

Protecting and preserving health requires shunning kill shots.

Going the other way is unwittingly self-inflicting harm.

Note: The website reveals the true measure of more monster than man Fauci.

Instead of longterm imprisonment doing super-max hard time, he’s free to keep promoting what harms and destroys public health over protecting it.

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