The Flu Has Been Renamed Covid So We Can Call It a Pandamic and Lockdown The World

Dylan Eleven  2020-12-28

Many people, friends, neighbours and family still refuse to see the truth about the covid lie. It can be very frustrating for us truth tellers. The situation seems for many so complex that they simply won’t listen to any logic or reason. Preferring to be lost in the main stream media fear porn haze.

Often something simple is a great way to finally break through to these people who are clinging to a propaganda lie.

For example when discussing the 911 controlled demolition, I found a simple way to disprove the pancake theory of each floor hitting the next due to fire, was to ask the person; if they stood on a building next to the towers that fell, and dropped a bowling ball off the edge at the same time a tower fell, each floor collapsing and then falling and hitting the next floor causing it to collapse and so on, all the way down.

Which do they think will hit the ground first?. The ball falling free fall or the building crashing down on each floor.

Everyone said the bowling ball would hit first.

But when you then point out that the building fell at free fall speed and the ball and the building would have hit at the same time. Most people started to listen and think.

Covid-19 has had many blatant obvious and ridiculous lies that can easily be disproven. So many that people are confused. Logic has gone out the window completely for most people. Their standard reaction is “but this time it’s different” A blanket statement allowing them to justify their own blind obedience and complete lack of critical thinking.

Maybe this statement will be one simple way to get them to break enough to start to question and start to actually think:

For the first year ever we have no flu cases, and a supposed virus called covid, that looks exactly like the flu, has a similar number of cases as the annual flu that has suddenly disappeared.

Hopefully they have enough brain computing capabilities left, after being starved of oxygen by obsessive mask wearing, to get a glimpse of what that that means.

The stupidity bubble of the covid Nazi conformist cheerleader masses must be broken as they are all lemmings leading each other off the cliff.