The Food War

The Food War

The food war has begun

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– the global powers are planning to subjugate us with food! PART 2

Why the Netherlands?

Why is the Netherlands so important to manipulators? This may surprise you, but this small country is the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural products, right after the USA. This small but densely populated country of 17.5 million inhabitants has a large animal population: almost four million cattle, 12 million pigs and 100 million chickens. Although they are the 2nd largest in Europe, behind France, they have a small population, which is why they export most of it. So if someone would theoretically want to cause hunger in the world, the destruction of Dutch farmers is an obligatory and logical move.

And lo and behold, it was in that country that Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that the number of livestock in the country would have to be drastically reduced, allegedly due to a reduction in nitrogen, from 70% to even 95%. By the way, Mark Rutte is a loyal disciple of Klaus Schwab, whom Klaus even declared to be “the most handsome European prime minister”.

Such a move will de facto completely destroy Dutch farmers, and above all livestock farmers. That’s why this uprising is happening, which we write about on our portal, and which the mainstream media mostly ignores. The events in the Netherlands are unprecedented, they are the largest protests in the country’s history. Farmers block roads, border crossings, fishermen block ports, police shoot at them, chaos everywhere. How massive these protests are, just look at this aerial shot, over 30,000 farmers gathered in this field:

Yesterday they even set fire to a supermarket called Picnic, it is an online supermarket that specializes in meatless proteins. And imagine this, the owner of that market, Michiel Muller, is the brother of the husband of the Minister of Agriculture, the same one who practically banned farmers from animal husbandry, i.e. meat production. By the way, both come from the richest Dutch families and are members of the “elite”.

And imagine this coincidence, the biggest investor in that market chain is Bill Gates, who invested an incredible 600 million dollars. The same Bill Gates who has been buying land in America for two years and who is today the largest owner of agricultural land in America. So you understand how everything is connected, the gang is networked like a mafia, and it is obvious that they have been planning this for a long time.

And all this is being done right now, when Russia and Ukraine, the two biggest granaries in the war, are also under sanctions. This is of course another “coincidence”. Only it’s not a coincidence, it’s being done on purpose right now, and a familiar historical tactic is being used again – the control of subjects through the control of food.

Rest assured that when food becomes scarce, Bill Gates will gladly sell it to you, but at his price and on his terms. And we know what those conditions are, here in Hong Kong you can no longer enter a supermarket if you have not been vaccinated with all the vaccines according to the schedule. And price growth is nothing so far, according to what awaits us. They cooked it all up themselves, but of course they will blame Putin and/or corona for everything.

Their plan is for us to eat insects!

Bill Gates actively advocates that we should eat artificial food, synthetic beef and – insects! Their plan is to feed us (whom they consider their livestock) insects. As crazy as it sounds, it’s true and they’ve been preparing us for it for years. Did you see Angelina Jolie frying and eating tarantulas, worms and grasshoppers with her children on BBC television?

And have you seen Nicole Kidman promoting insects and eating them with gusto in front of the cameras?

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Hollywood stars suddenly start promoting something so bizarre? And they use lies, claiming that over 2 billion people eat.

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