The ‘Free-Text’ COVID Vaccine Safety Data the CDC Wanted to Hide

The ‘Free-Text’ COVID Vaccine Safety Data the CDC Wanted to Hide | Jamie WhiteA federal judge last month ordered the CDC to release all 7.8 million detailed “free-text” data entries of adverse reactions over the next 12 months. 

When the CDC created V-Safe as a way to track individuals who received the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines,” the agency vowed to be completely transparent. Remember—despite forcing millions of frightened human beings to take the jab—there were subpar clinical trials. One recipient shared, “The only reason I took this b******* vaccination is because my job gave me two choices. Sign a waiver or get the shot. I [got] the shot in fear of losing any benefits.” 

So it makes sense, and seems mandatory, that the CDC create a system for individuals to share how they feel after receiving the experimental, mRNA-driven “vaccines.” To build trust in that system, the CDC touted V-Safe as “the most intensive safety monitoring effort in U.S. history.” Yet, as severe adverse events, including death, rapidly ascended following the EUA-pushed jabs, the CDC failed to be transparent with the data, releasing, when ordered by the Court in 2022, only superficial details. But persistence paid off. Last month, a federal judge ordered the CDC to release all 7.8 million detailed “free-text” data entries over the next 12 months. The “free-text” section is the only place in V-Safe for participants to potentially report serious adverse events. Yesterday, the CDC released the initial batch of data containing symptoms reported after being injected. The eye-opening entries are telling.

The free-text entries are critical because, shockingly, despite having an index of “adverse events of special interest” listed in its protocol, V-Safe entirely omitted those same adverse events from being tracked. As explained by ICAN, instead of asking V-safe participants about whether, for example, they experienced things such as anaphylaxis, myocarditis, or coagulopathy after taking an entirely experimental “vaccine” based on technology never before used, the CDC carelessly only asked about minor and generalized reactions, such as “chills,” “headache,” “fatigue or tiredness,” and “vomiting.” Thus, for users who may have wanted to report more serious adverse events, they must use the “free-text” field, which allows up to 250 characters. This data is crucial to understanding the safety profile of the COVID-19 “vaccines.” The fact the CDC had not thus far voluntarily released this critical data is indicative of the overall failure of the federal government’s responsibility to protect the health of Americans.

ICAN’s initial win in two previous lawsuits opened the door to obtaining V-Safe data. However, the taxpayer-funded CDC argued that producing the “free-text” entries was too burdensome an endeavor for them to be responsible for. Nevertheless, the Court strongly disagreed, noting that the “Production of the free-text data will permit independent researchers to put the government agencies to their proof by considering all of the available data.” Reporting on this outstanding victory  brought by the lawyers that regularly represent ICAN on behalf of the Freedom Coalition of Doctors for Choice, ICAN explained the Court recognized that:

“The development and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine was one of the greatest endeavors in recent history. Predictably, the American public now seeks access to COVID-related papers to ensure that relevant government policies were — and still are — supported and justified by the available data. That is precisely what FOIA contemplates and facilitates.”

Indeed, District Court Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk’s ruling is a huge win for transparency, and yesterday’s first production of at 390,000 entries outlining what users experienced in the first two days of receiving the “vaccine” is telling. And unfortunately, it’s indicative of what’s to follow. Indeed, the “free-text” data, which is available [above], has an overall theme of uneasiness. Users reported “anaphylaxis”—a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction—numerous times, detailing experiences such as, “Emergency room visit for anaphylaxis … went to the ER … I had repeat facial swelling.” One user wrote, “Anaphylaxis within 10 min. of being vaccinated. Throat swollen almost shut.” Another user wrote:

“After receiving the shot (within 15 mins) I had an allergic reaction (tightening of the throat, dizziness, confusion, elevated heart rate) and was taken to the ER. Received steroid shot, Benadryl shot, and ephephrine shot. Was released to go home.” The user later wrote, “Feeling of mild allergic reaction in the throat. Elevated heart rate.”

Interestingly, thousands of users reported an odd “metallic taste” in their mouth, often accompanied by a tingling feeling in their tongue, lasting anywhere from a few minutes to hours or longer. Equally as many people—in the thousands—experienced rapid and concerning heart rates. Likewise, in addition to ongoing feelings of intense anxiety, numbness, dizziness, stiffness, fatigue, and diarrhea, thousands went to the emergency room within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the “vaccine.” 

One user described their experience at the ER, stating, “3 to 5 days after my shot, I experienced a rash around my eye that was painful and burning. I reported to the emergency room on Thursday, 12/24, diagnosed with shingles/herpes zoster, which I’ve never had before, so I’m just suspicious if that could have been a result of my first dose of the COVID vaccine.” Sadly, over 600 users specifically noted they were pregnant when they received the shot. Did the CDC monitor them more closely? They should have. Twenty-two users reported having a miscarriage that coincided with receiving the “vaccine.” One such user wrote:

“I had a miscarriage. I should’ve been 8 weeks pregnant but the baby stopped  growing at 6 weeks which would’ve been very close to when I received my vaccine.”

It will take weeks to sift through the disturbing “free-text” entries detailing the myriad of troubling symptoms users experienced within the first couple of days after getting the “vaccine.” The 390,000 initial entries emphasize the potential for more serious adverse event symptoms like myocarditis that may be revealed as more “free-text” data files are released. 

Despite the unsettling entries, given the disaster that has been the COVID-19 “vaccine” campaign, reviewing the data is a massive step in the right direction. ICAN remarked, “This ruling sends a clear message to our federal agencies: we are not moving on and forgetting about the pandemic or the actions they took. ICAN will not stop until ALL the data is released to the public and there is true transparency and accountability around COVID-19.”

Indeed, as the pandemic catastrophe is evaluated, accountability for its blatant and oppressive mishandling is paramount. Americans deserve better. In one of many heartbreaking entries, an undoubtedly terrified vaccine-injured user shared concerning entries after receiving their first COVID-19 shot, which they clearly felt obligated to get. Making numerous entries, the user wrote:

“I had some mild tachycardia 10 mins after injection, hard to take a deep breath, sweating, & I turned bright red. My work had me take a Benadryl.
I lost the use of my right arm & couldn’t lift it. I’ve had COVID twice & the night I’ve had made me long for COVID-19. I’m not sure I can go through this again for a 2nd shot. I want to do my part, but this was unreal. Anyone around me actually told me not to get the second shot. It felt like death had entered my bones, as if they were being hammered. I kept waking up crying with a respiration rate in the 60s. I couldn’t take deep breaths because my ribs were hurting. I have a very high tolerance for pain, and this had me in tears.”

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