The Globalists Want Their Slaves In Harmful Masks Again • And are still telling people to kill themselves with a deadly vaccine

The Globalists Want Their Slaves In Harmful Masks Again • And are still telling people to kill themselves with a deadly vaccine

Are Biden and the Democrats gearing up to push more mask mandates following another stolen election?  /  Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Word on the street is the Biden regime, empowered by yet another Democrat election “win,” is planning to unleash a new round of mask mandate terror across the country.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has once again begun recommending that people wear a mouth and nose veil when inside buildings in at least five New York counties:

“Wear a mask indoors in public and on public transportation,” the CDC is advising New Yorkers. “Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines. Get tested if you have symptoms. If you are at high risk for severe illness, consider taking additional precautions.”

Across the country in Los Angeles, officials there who align with the Biden regime’s mask obsession are likewise telling residents to wear a mask indoors as two new variants or subvariants (or something) of the Fauci Flu are said to be spreading.

“Many are predicting these strains, which are highly transmissible, are likely to drive an increase in cases this fall and winter,” announced Los Angeles County health official Barbara Ferrar, who is urging Angelenos to roll up their sleeves for the all-new “bivalent” booster shot.

To the north in Canada, medical fascism groups like Ontario School Safety are urging a reimposition of mask mandates for children at school. Their goal is to block children’s breathing passages for as long as possible throughout the school day to stymie the spread of Chinese Germs.

“We get it, we understand why maybe you’ve stopped masking, we understand the pressures to want to get back to what we call normal,” said a member of that group. “We want Ontario open for business, open for learning.”

If children mask and wash their hands, and if schools better ventilate buildings, this person added, then “we can keep things open, that we can continue with our activities and keep our kids in their sports and their clubs and keep them in school where they need to be. Everyone agrees – kids are best in school.”

The globalists really want their slaves in masks again

Down Under in Australia, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is spreading fear about a “fourth wave” of the Fauci Flu as she, too, urges locals to slap on those face masks and line up for the latest booster injections.”

“The fourth wave that we have been expecting, now, we believe, has arrived but no one should be alarmed,” Palaszczuk told parliament. “We have been living with this virus for a long time, and Queenslanders know what to do.”

A local professor by the name of Adrian Esterman, chair of biostatistics and epidemiology at the University of South Australia, agrees. He says other states and territories need to push masks again as well.”

“Surely, mandating face masks on public transport is not that difficult,” he insists.

There is similar chatter coming out of Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom, all countries that just like the United States, Australia, and Canada are controlled by globalists.

“Masks cause diseases,” wrote a commenter on a story about the globalists’ mask fetish.

“If this happens, we’ll see how many people are really stupid enough to fall for it again,” wrote another. “Sadly, there are many low-IQ people, despite all the truth found online.”

“Stop complying,” emphasized another about how easy it is to put this all to an end.

“The only institution that can create a law is the Congress,” wrote another about how mask mandates are illegal. “The executive branch cannot legislate, and neither can SCOTUS.”

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