The illiterati, the truth deniers, have invented a language of their own • The 12 Dirtiest and Most Offensive Words in the English Language

The illiterati, the truth deniers, have invented a language of their own • The 12 Dirtiest and Most Offensive Words in the English Language

Dr Vernon Coleman - MB ChB DSc

The illiterati, the truth deniers, have invented a language of their own. By looking for their favourite words you can easily identify the psychopathic criminals who make up the conspiratorial globalists (or, as we refer to them the `nutters’).

And so here are their favourite words. If you see more than two of these words in any document then you know you are dealing with a dangerous lunatic. You should stand well back.

  1. Collaboration: The nutters love to pretend that they are part of a big, happy family of individuals who have seen the light. In fact, of course, they are collaborators in the way that thugs who set fire to a tramp in the street are collaborators.
  2. Sustainable: This is probably their favourite word. They can’t usually manage a paragraph without using it at least once. Everything has to be sustainable.
  3. Resilient: They use this word a good deal when talking about risk management.
  4. Leadership: The nutters like to think that they all have leadership qualities. They don’t have any leadership qualities, of course, and so they use the word a good deal when describing themselves and their colleagues. The words ‘common purpose’ are also popular among those who consider they are following the ‘play book’. (The illiterate are also very keen on toolkits and group think though none of them has the foggiest what these mean.)
  5. Impact: They use this word to show the effect of one of their social engineering programmes.
  6. Denier: They use this word to describe anyone who does not share their insanity. It is used as a term of abuse. If they call you a denier you should be proud.
  7. Inclusive: The nutters love to feel that they are inclusive. They are fans of forced homogenisation. They believe in mixed loos and mixed sports teams because these are a true sign of inclusivity. They like to subordinate individual rights to the rights of the community.
  8. Equity: The nutters are huge fans of the redistribution of resources – as long as they get more of whatever there is than anyone else. It is through their enthusiasm for ‘equity’ that the nutters show their allegiance to the communist cause. They also like to move towards the standardisation of everything.
  9. Diversity: They love this word even more than they love the concept. Everything must be diverse. They believe in the deliberate and steadfast disruption of what they call ‘organic patterns of association’. If you want to imitate one of the nutters just talk about diversity and sustainability.
  10. Transparency: The nutters are firm believers in transparency when it comes to other people. They are, for example, enthusiastic supporters of ‘track and trace’. But they are not as keen about transparency when it comes to themselves and their own dirty deeds.
  11. Accountability: The nutters are also desperately enthusiastic about accountability as far as it relates to other people. They always like to create permanent digital records of everything other people do. They insist that everyone (except themselves) should be accountable for their actions. They themselves steadfastly refuse to debate the value of what they do.
  12. Innovative: They love this word because it makes them seem original and creative. Sadly, of course, none of them has ever had a single original or creative thought. They prefer to follow the playbook devised by Schwab and the other leaders of the Nutter Movement. They talk a good deal about the Fourth Industrial Revolution because this makes them sound like intellectuals. (Naturally, most of them have no idea what it means and didn’t even know there were three other industrial revolutions until last week.)

There are other words to look out for, of course. Words such as ‘predictive’, ‘profiling’ and ‘standardisation’ invariably crop up at least in every document they produce. And remember too, of course, that the illiterati who believe in global warming and the great reset, regard a document of 500 pages as a short note.

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