The Kabbalah Codes Tucker & Putin

The Kabbalah Codes Tucker & Putin

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There's was much more going on here than Political Handbags

Well it was hyped up by the likes of Alex Jones as the most important interview to happen for decades. The illusive Vladimir Putin sat down one on one with a man who I tend to believe is auditioning for the current vacant role of Messiah son of Jospeh, a role who’s purpose is to act as the saviour of the West. This man is former Fox journalist Tucker Carlson.

The Messiah Son of Joseph is what Carl Jung would perhaps describe as an archetype (Arch-on-Type?) though another way of describing it might be simply as a famous character role such as say The Hero or The Anti-Hero in the theatre play.

Mass Consumption means consumption of the masses by the 1% … Or Tax as its also commonly referred to.

The Hype Man

So the hype was on, and like a ring announcer for a prize fight (or WWE Scripted wrestling match) Alex Jones came out full force to promote his friend Tucker Carlson.

This is not a dig at Alex Jones by the way. I actually think Alex has done incredible work through the decades and I for one appreciate how he was a major reason why we have any alternative media in the first place. I also appreciate that as I write this Alex also had the courage to invite David Icke on to debate Alex’s support of Transhumanist Elon Musk ( We will get to Musk later).

Having said that I also do not agree with Alex’s recent support of Andrew Tate, Elon Musk and the current narrative Tucker Carlson is now falling into. It really does seem like a small faction of well publicised “Alternative Media” journalists are now circling the wagons.

Kabbalah Collision

Anyone who has been following my work over the past 6 months will know that I have been investigating Chabad Lubavitch who are an Orthodox Hassidic Jewish sect that follow the Lurianic Kabbalah from their HQ in Brooklyn NY. I have conducted much of this researcher with fellow researcher and an absolute genius when it comes to the Kabbalah, Christopher Jon Bjerknes of

Chabad Lubavitch are One of the main Hassidic Jewish sects that follow the Lurianic interpretations of the mystical Kabbalah. These are the same guys who recently hit the headlines for a bizarre tunnel dug underneath their HQ building in Crown Heights (see images below).

Chabad Tunnel found in Brooklyn Crown Heights

So what does any of this have to do with both Putin and Tucker Carlson?

Well in a world where we are supposed to believe that Putin is at war with Ukraine and its current and sixth President Zelenksyy. I find it incredibly revealing that BOTH Putin and Zelenksyy appears to be paid up members of Chabad Lubavitch as are many other major political names from all over the world (see image below).

But what about Tucker I hear you cry ?

Well what we are looking at in the above image would likely be a few rungs higher up than Tucker Carlson but what is clear is that Tucker looks to be a Kabbalist of some degree, as shown by the Red Ribbon he is often seen wearing such as in the images below.

The meaning of the Red Ribbon in Kabbalist terms functions as a warding off or protection from the “Evil Eye” which is a curse usually considered to be brought about by Envy.

Does this mean Tucker is a paid up member of Chabad Lubavitch ? No absolutely not but it is certainly interesting to this journalist and does mean it is fair to consider him a Kabbalist.

Top Trumps

What can be added to this small bit of visual information is his clear friendship with former US President Donald Trump [Promoter of the killer vaccine] . Donald Trump was raised with a Kabbalah teacher as he states in his own book “The Way To The Top” .

Trump’s own son in law Jared Kushner is openly a Chabadnik who has donated money to them over the years. And on a side note Kushner was picture in the image below with another man who appears to be auditioning for Messiah Son of Joseph Elon Musk.

WTF is a Israeli Zionist first Chabadnik like Kushner doing with Elon Musk at a football match in Qatar, with what appears to be representatives of the Qatar Sovereign fund. Musk also has business ventures bankrolled by factions of Saudi Royalty.

It’s almost like the illusion of separation is only for public consumption or more accurately consumption of the public.

Tucked Behind The Scenes

What few people will know about Tucker is that his father Dick Carlson was a member of something called the ‘United States Information Agency’. The USIA was a “United States government agency”.

This agency was part of US Intelligence and Jeffery Epstein’s close friend Bill Clinton was also connected to this agency which appeared to be some sort of bridge between the broadcast media and US Intelligence.

Remember this is Tucker Carlsons father Dick Carlson. So when Putin throws a cheeky little jab at Tucker in the interview for not getting into the CIA after applying to do so. It is my belief that Tucker may have got into the intelligence agencies in some capacity and as Putin is reportedly KGB perhaps this was an in joke between the two Kabbalist’s at the expense of the audience.

Dick Carlson - FreeMasonic Pose?

So Tucker Carlson clearly comes from an Intelligence background which seems to be centred around Intel and the Media, which would make perfect sense.

Symbols and Signs

Now we come to a couple of clips that I believe may be coded ways of describing what the Lurianic Kabbalists have planned for their “World To Come” (See my previous articles).

Remember Putin is openly an aggressive promoter of Chabad Lubavitch, even going so far as to dismiss one of his own staff for daring to describe them as “A supremacist cult”.

In this first clip it could be that the under-code is Putin referring to the two separate parts of the Kabbalist “God Head”, the left side being the Male aspect and the Right side being the Female aspect that when combined together (In a 3rd Solomons Temple in Jerusalem on Temple Mount) would then become the “One”. This would also likely be where the main Hub of A.I would be stored, like in WestWorld who even use the name of the Son of Solomon Rehoboam for their main intelligence system.

Again, these are questions…..And there are no silly questions

The Second Clip Tucker brings up the issue of Elon Musk and ask’s Putin about his thoughts on both Elon and his artificial intelligence technology. Here we should keep in mind that Musk has been seen spending time with Chabad Kabbalist and son in law of Donald Trump Jared Kushner, whilst at a football match in Qatar with representatives of their national fund (image above).

The “control” I believe Putin is talking about here is really code for Government regulation and overall control of all A.I technology, in the same way Bill Clinton (Tuckers fathers friend remember) brought into place to “regulate” Cloning in 1997 .


All in all the information here susggests that these supposed “enemies” all have a Messianic and One World Order collective aim and that which connects them all appears to be a Messianic Cult that claim to be of the Jewish faith when their actions align more with that of Sabbatian Frankists, who are also referred to as Donmeh which means “to turn”.

For more information and another perhaps much deeper perspective on the Tucker Carlson and Putin interview I would highly recommend the video below by my friend and fellow researcher Christopher Jon Bjerknes (see below)

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