The Masses Were Driven Insane to Enable the Vaccine Genocide

The Masses Were Driven Insane to Enable the Vaccine Genocide

Dylan Eleven |

The covid vaccines are killing and injuring millions of men, women and children.  This is being proven daily.

100,000 excess deaths are happening in the U.S. right now due to the vaccine.

Yet we still see headlines like:

Ontario Liberal Party head plans to make COVID injections mandatory for kids if elected as provincial premier


FDA Authorizes Pfizer Booster Shot for Children Ages 5 to 11 Years Old

The fact that these injections are killing people and yet the politicians, agencies and genocidal psychopaths like Gates are still calling for people to line up and kill themselves and their kids is insanity to say the least.

Obviously anyone promoting the vaccine is a murderer and is complicit in genocide.

Yet why are so many still accepting these obvious lies?

How are theses maniacs still on TV.?

And why are they still promoting an obvious killer vaccine?

It’s an obvious scam and genocidal plot, yet the majority fell for it.  The phenomenon of a known killer vaccine being promoted openly is obviously insane. So why are they still pushing it, further exposing their insanity?

Is it because they are inane and don’t realize we know they are?... Probably.

Is it because they are getting away with it they are mocking the asleep?.. Possibly.

Is it because they want to keep killing as many as they can and it’s still working, that’s why they are now suggesting everyone over 50 gets a boaster jab every six months until it finally kills them?... Definitely.

Why is this a strategy? And even more astonishingly; why is this strategy working?

There is method in this madness. All the covid mandates and the fake virus have  been so obvious and ridiculous from the start.

The satanic up is down left is right, bad is good, madness  is at the essence of communism.

To control with an illusion of benefit for the people is one thing. In this strategy you always have to have a perceived benefit or your population will revolt.

But to control without any logic or reality and have your followers obey anyway is a satanic reversal of reality mind control technique.

To accept totally ridiculous and illogical orders and follow them, unhinges the masses from reality.  And in this insane lament the satanic can openly be satanic and evil.

This strategy has been and is being used to perform mass genocide by convincing an insane population to commit  suicide with a poison injection.

A mentally unstable  manipulated population has been driven insane by following ever changing illogical dictates that have obviously nothing to do with health and everything to do with obedience through satanic mind manipulation.

When making the film The Enemy Within, I was trying to understand how a population in Germany during World War II could possibly accept concentration camps and mass genocide of the Jewish population.

How could they have done such horrific acts?

It is because they were all driven insane with the same mass formation psychosis we are seeing today.

The parallels are clear.  This is a textbook strategy to achieve genocide.

The duped are insane, tricked, feeling foolish, mentally messed up, with a ticking time bomb inside them.  Know who you are dealing with.

These people have been drawn into a  destructive death cult.  Some are vicious and are lashing out.

These still masked people are insane, oxygen deprived, and becoming more zombie like every day due to vaccine damage and clotting in the brain.

They need our help.  But realize they are not the same as they were in 2019.

The reason the mandates were obviously ridiculous was to unhinge the masses.  These mandates are coming back and are becoming more ridiculous by the day, divisions are escalating and the satanic chaos is running amok.

This is the chaos the cabal wants. They want everyone divided against each-other and they want to crash society and rule over the ashes more easily.

It is a cowardly pathetic way to rule.

A true magnificent society would promote the best of everything for everyone.  But they don’t have the creative skills to rock that world.

Problem, reaction, solution, chaos and easy order over the masses is their repetitive  strategy.

They are creating more and more divisions, to distract us all from their genocide.

Unity is the answer to this madness not division.

We all must realize the true enemy that has declared war upon us all.

We must not fight each other.

We must unite and move beyond the cronies at Davos and klaus anal swabs vision of the world.

Stay focused. Stay alert and be mindful when dealing with zombies.

Remember you are not alone. There are millions of us who know the truth and the number is growing.

More chaos is on the horizon.  Preapre, organize and act accordingly.