The Mother of All State-Sponsored Scams Hasn’t Gone Away

Stephen Lendman  /  stephenlendman

Because MSM were bribed with big bucks to promote destruction of public health over protecting and preserving it, the mother of all state-sponsored scams remains an unparalleled threat to humanity throughout the West and elsewhere.

MSM lying machines share responsibility for what’s gone on since the rollout of kill shots and all else flu/covid in December 2019 — a long-planned in advance moment of state-sponsored infamy.

The scam is kept alive with rubbish like the following from the self-styled newspaper of record NYT:

“The pandemic (that doesn’t exist) caus(ed) more than 500 million coronavirus cases (from a nonexistent virus) and over 6.1 million deaths globally (sic).”

The above numbers are fake, not real.

The vast majority of reported deaths are from kill shots — not garden variety flu renamed covid with heavily pushing the scam in mind.

In its latest edition, the Times expressed concern about the “drive” to mass-jab humanity against a never discovered virus “losing steam,” adding:

So-called “(p)ublic health experts say that abandoning the global effort could lead to the emergence of dangerous new variants that would threaten the world’s precarious efforts to live with the (nonexistent) virus (sic).”

So-called “public health experts” lied.

In an effort to regenerate mass-extermination momentum, the Biden regime will host a so-called (flu/covid) summit in May.

There’s no doubt that monsters Fauci, Walensky and likeminded angels of death and human misery will be involved.

Separately according to the Times — citing reader responses it selected to publish, largely to the exclusion of others — federal Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle’s “decision to strike down the mask mandate on public transportation was “political’ and ‘outrageous.’ ”

Admitting that others expressed relief, Times bias showed support for fraudster Fauci’s opposition to the ruling.

Omitted from its reports and earlier ones on masking was what’s indisputable, according to science over politics.

Masks don’t protect. They cannot protect because they’re porous to permit breathing.

Protection would only be possible if hermetically sealed.

Of course suffocation would then follow.

The longer masks are worn for extended periods daily, the greater the risk of respiratory harm — while getting no protection.

What the Times and other MSM should have explained, they consistently suppress.

And this Times rubbish on Sunday:

According to a Pharma-controlled CDC “study (sic):”

“Un(jabbed) children from 5 to 11 years old were hospitalized with (flu/covid) at twice the rate of (jabbed) children during the winter (fake) omicron variant surge (sic).”

As earlier explained, covid is flu renamed.

All strains are virtually identical.

Not a dime’s worth of difference separates some from others.

Naming strains created public hysteria with pushing jabbing and multi-jabbing in mind.

Even fraudster Fauci admitted that 2020 lockdowns were all about scaring maximum numbers of people to be jabbed — without explaining their irreparable harm.

Jabbing exponentially increases the risk of contracting flu/covid and any one or more of an array of serious diseases, including cancer.

Staying jab-free is infinitely safer protection than the other way around.

Claims otherwise by anti-public health officials and their MSM press agents have been with causing maximum harm to maximum numbers of people at home and worldwide.

Last December, I quoted eminent virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s straight talk truth-telling advice, saying:

“Never, ever allow anything, or anybody, to interfere or suppress your innate immune system” that’s vital to protect against illness.

Flu/covid mass-jabbing weakens  immunity, he stressed.

Jabs “do not contribute to (so-called) herd immunity.”

He called mass-jabbing children “an absolute no go” because their “innate immunity” will be severely harmed, making them vulnerable to autoimmune and other diseases.

Vanden Bossche also called boosters “absolutely insane,” telling refuseniks:

“For God’s sake, stay un(jabbed),” adding:

Flu/covid “is not a disease of healthy people.”

“People in good health have a healthy innate immune system that can deal with a number of respiratory viruses without any problem.”

“These people are not only protected against the disease, but they can even in many cases prevent infection.”

In stark contrast, flu/covid jabs “are breeding ground for” outbreaks.

“(S)tay un(jabbed).”

Protect your “innate immunity” by being jab-free.

Unjabbed individuals should avoid close contact with their jabbed counterparts as much as possible.

If populations reach a critical mass of inoculated people, it “will inevitably (cause) health system(s) to collapse.”

“It cannot be otherwise.”

He repeated the warning to “Message to Austria” listeners, stressing that harm from jabs will be widespread enough to collapse public health systems of nations.

The state-sponsored/MSM proliferated solution is infinitely more harmful than the illness.

Increased numbers of jabbed and multi-jabbed individuals “will lead inevitably (to a) public health” disaster.

“It cannot be otherwise.”

Mass-jabbing suppresses immunity, leaving jabbed individuals increasingly vulnerable to disease.

Jabs don’t contribute to herd immunity, as falsely claimed.

Jabbing children is especially egregious.

Their natural antibodies can be seriously harmed by “vaccinal antibodies.”

They’ll be especially vulnerable to contraction of autoimmune diseases and other health issues throughout their lives.

Young children are virtually risk-free of dying from flu/covid.

Adolescents and young adults are nearly as risk-free.

The vast majority of publicly reported flu/covid deaths are from jabs, not the illness.

Pre-2020, the CDC reported the following:

Annual numbers of US seasonal flu/influenza cases range from 9 to 45 million, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations, and from 12,000 – 62,000 deaths.

The vast majority of the latter two categories occur in people over age-70.

For individuals under this age, full recovery exceeds 99.9%.

Above this age, it’s 95%.

Flu/covid is safely and effectively treated without jabs.

Nothing remotely justifies their use even if safe.

Indisputable peer-reviewed evidence is suppressed instead of reported.

It’s crucial for people in all age groups, especially young children, the elderly and others with weakened immune systems to shun jabs.

Since seasonal flu got a scary new name, we’ve been willfully and maliciously lied to and scammed by official sources and MSM co-conspirators like the NYT.

The diabolical scheme is all about harming public health.

It’s about culling world populations of unwanted billions of people.

It’s genocide on a scale exceeding what history’s worst despots ever could have imagined.

It’s crucial for unjabbed individuals to stay this way.

Jabbed individuals should shun more of the same.

Most people have been brainwashed to believe otherwise.

Dominant dark forces throughout the West and their counterparts elsewhere are mortal enemies of ordinary people.

Everyone valuing their health should ignore them.

The alternative will destroy what’s too precious to lose.

It can happen quickly, a little or much longer.

There’s no undoing toxins designed to harm, not protect.

The more taken, the greater the harm.

And that’s the bottom line — never to appear in Times or other MSM editions.

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