The New Civil War | The Insane vs The Stupid vs The Intelligent

The New Civil War | The Insane vs The Stupid vs The Intelligent

Controlled Opposition Trump Takes Credit For The Genocidal Vaccine Still | Why? = Because He Wants To Divide His Supporters

Dylan Eleven •

Cries from Trump supporters for him to stop taking credit for the genocidal vaccine will fall on deaf ears because he is controlled opposition. It is part of the plan.

If they really wanted to jail him they could do so for the vaccines.

If he really wanted to win the election and rally the whole country he would pretend to admit to being tricked into the vaccine and all his voters would be 100% on board.

But he still claims he is responsible for the genocidal vaccine. Why?

This is done to divide his voters. He does not want to win. They want the country divided but into many pieces. With no clear commander at the helm it will further slow the organization of the people. It will add to the chaos.

They want civil war but not a cut and dry one. They want Trump supporters divided and confused.

Therefore he still promotes the genocidal vaccine, and anyone with a brain who knows the vaccine is a genocidal weapon will be against Trump. Achieving a split in his voters. Creating a further split in the population. Dividing again in the divide and conquer strategy.

The insane Biden supporters, the not so smart Trump supporters who ignore his vaccine genocide and the rest of the country who still have a brain and can use it.

It's down to the insane vs the stupid vs the intelligent.

Trump is not the solution. He is part of the problem. Stop looking for white hat, 5D, Q, twisted logic to justify his complicity in the vaccine genocide that has taken place.

Alex Jones to ‘go on warpath’ against Trump if he doesn’t stop his COVID bullshit

Alex, you are just adding to / part of / the confusion: