The No-Virus Theory From an Austrian Perspective

The No-Virus Theory From an Austrian Perspective

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We students of Austrian Economics are also research students of history, which is our lab work.

Let’s for a minute conduct a “thought experiment” where, 100 years from now in 2123, virtually no one has ever heard of Ludwig von Mises or what we call Austrian Economics.

Instead, the world is dominated (as it is today) only by the so-called economics of John Maynard Keynes and his disciples – but in this frightening future there’s no opposition.

No Hayek. No Rothbard. No Hoppe. No Ron Paul. No Mises Institute.
Would the Wikipedia of that time answer searches for “Austrian Economics” by sending you to a page titled “Keynesian Denialism?”

Would Mises’s writings, if they existed at all, be vilified by people who’d otherwise say they’re committed to freedom? Would they get problems about money and government somewhat right but not provide the real solutions because they never learned another way to think?

Today we live in a parallel world to that nightmare in the fields of Biology and Medicine, which were hijacked back in the late 1800s.

This was done by those who saw that great profit and power would be theirs by selling to the public, and to history, the Germ Theory of Biology, and by crushing into near oblivion the early blossoming of the Terrain School’s research and acceptance.

And they succeeded. We never learned another way to think.

As a result, a new field called virology was created, and today is viewed without question as the dominant understanding of health and disease.

However, virology has been built on a false anti-science foundation. And the worst part is, it was THE LEVER used to create the recent multi-year, worldwide, most comprehensive and simultaneous tyranny in recorded history – that’s not even over yet.

Since the end of the 19th Century, those who’ve worked to develop the Terrain School have been shouted down, pushed out, censored, misrepresented, vilified, prosecuted, and even jailed. Am I overstating this? No, unfortunately I’m not.

For many of you, this is all new. So very few people know about the Terrain paradigm or Germ Theory, let alone the pivotal battle for dominance that occurred over 100 years ago.

Today, many, if not most, doctors and nurses haven’t heard of this saga. The term “Germ Theory” is not taught in medical school. Why? Because the Germ Theory Paradigm is taught as fact in medical school as if it’s the only way to think. Today, it’s incompletely called “Biology” and “Medicine.”

Here’s one point of evidence: if you go to Wikipedia and search the topic “Terrain Theory” you’ll be taken to a page titled, “Germ Theory Denialism.”

They don’t want you to know or start to know. The good news is the Terrain School’s paradigm and history is easier to learn today than ever before. You can start here.1

Back in the 1800s the Terrain School’s pioneer, Antoine Béchamp, made massively important discoveries fundamental to understanding that we don’t “catch” diseases but rather diseases are “built” over time. The details of “how” are easy and rewarding to learn.

Béchamp and subsequent researchers were buried into obscurity by extremely well-connected political and financial fraudsters over many decades – Louis Pasteur to start. 2 3 4  Today, astoundingly, Pasteur has an institute named for him. The political and financial interests that supported him saw an opportunity for wealth and power and they took it. They correctly saw that the average person wants the simplest possible answer to the questions vexing their lives; the simpler the better. Thus they delivered an incorrect but simple monocausal message that germs cause disease. Simple, yes. But fatally inaccurate.

Over the next several decades they popularized and expanded a fear of “germs” by inventing the concept of predatory “viruses” whose sole reason to exist was to make us sick and die. 5

There was only one problem: their model is not how the world – or the science – really works.6  The most important suppressed knowledge is the fact that viruses have never been proven to exist. And as shocking as that might be to you, it’s the truth. 7

The Germ Theorists have continued to this day to suppress the more comprehensive Terrain knowledge that Antoine Béchamp and many others started to develop and apply.

For those of us brought up in the 20th century we have some major unlearning to do. That’s the hard part,but it’s not impossible. I know. It took me months of wrestling with my own unlearning. It’s a slow process of ingesting and digesting.

Those of us who’ve embraced Austrian Economics are especially adept to the task of unlearning and learning anew. We were trained early to critically look for the deeper layers of what is “seen and unseen.” Thank you Claude Frédéric Bastiat 8 and Henry Hazlitt. 9

We’ve had to unlearn a lot of things in order to truly understand the full beauty and vital importance that was handed to us by our heroes – Ludwig von Mises, the most important of them all.

If you take your time and study the Terrain Paradigm, the benefit is, just like learning Austrian Economics, you’ll learn more of how the world really works and that’s a powerful gift for you and your family.

So where can we start? I humbly invite you to read and watch the resources in the footnotes. They’re a good start, and will, as Austrian Economics has done, change your life for the better.

It’s worth learning.

1 Those new to this please start here: 2

3 See Also: New York Times, May 16, 1995, Section C, page 1. Quote: Louis Pasteur… lied about his research, stole ideas from a competitor and was deceitful in ways that would now be regarded as scientific misconduct if not fraud[.] THE DOCTOR’S WORLD; Revisionist History Sees Pasteur As Liar Who Stole Rival’s Ideas – The New York Times
4 See Also: Hume, Ethel D., Bechamp or Pasteur?: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology, A Distant Mirror, 1923,

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