Amish Gave Covid A Pass • Prove It Was A Hoax • SIDS + SADS Cases Are Also Unknown In The Unvaccinated Amish Community

Amish Gave Covid A Pass •  Prove It Was A Hoax • SIDS + SADS Cases Are Also Unknown In The Unvaccinated Amish Community

The perfect control group: The unvaccinated Amish are shattering the Corona and vaccine narrative.

No Corona measures, no experimental vaccinations - and the Amish are doing fine: critical blogger Steve Kirsch had offered a proud $2,500 to anyone who could name more than five Amish who had died of Covid-19 [flu]. But Kirsch was able to keep his money, because the Corona death rate in the Amish community failed to materialize. There is hardly a better way to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of so-called protective measures than with this “control group” – the vaccine education program #Impfgeflüster reports all the details, Report24 reports .

The Amish have their roots in the Reformed Anabaptist movement of Central Europe, especially Switzerland and southern Germany. The Amish split from the main stream of Anabaptists, the Mennonites, in 1693 and are a Protestant denomination living primarily in the United States.

The Old Order Amish live a life strongly rooted in agriculture and are known to reject certain modern techniques (for example, vaccination) and adopt innovations only after carefully considering the consequences. The Amish value a family with naturally prescribed gender roles. Community and seclusion from the outside world are part of their way of life.

The North American Amish population grew from 249,500 people in 2010 to 341,900 in 2019, an increase of 37%. The Amish population doubles every 20 years. As a matter of principle, the Amish do not take out insurance. The Amish were also exempted from mandatory health insurance introduced by President Obama in 2012. Any health costs are met solely by donations from the Amish.

Fear and anxiety about over-recommended vaccinations, which could overload the children's organism, lead to an astonishingly low vaccination rate in Amish families. Despite the refusal to vaccinate, in 2005 there was only one "polio outbreak" of 4 children without symptoms, which could only be detected through intensive testing. And that after many decades without vaccination! Fortunately, the German Ärztezeitung!

Excerpt from the 2005 Ärztezeitung:

WASHINGTON (dpa). For the first time in 26 years, an outbreak of poliomyelitis (polio) has been recorded in the United States. In an Amish community in the state of Minnesota, at least four children were infected with the virus, the local newspaper "Star-Tribune" reported over the weekend of 2005.

None of the four children have so far shown any symptoms of the disease, such as paralysis. The polio virus was first detected two weeks ago in a seven-month-old baby with severe immunodeficiency. Later tests revealed the other infections. – Source: Ärztezeitung

Unfortunately, the article in Ärztezeitung does not say exactly which test was used.

A measles outbreak in the Amish community in Ohio in 2014 was uncomplicated. 383 people were affected. They all recovered.

Another example is the number of tetanus cases in the Amish community. In Pennsylvania January 2006 to December 2015, so a period of almost 10 years, published in the “Open Forum Infectious Disease” 2017: The results are remarkable. Only 4 cases of pediatric tetanus infection were identified in nearly 10 years, with 100% occurring in unvaccinated patients and 3 of 4 (75%) in Amish individuals. All 4 patients were treated and discharged if cured.

Mass deaths from Corona [flu]?

The Amish did not isolate, social distancing, mask or vaccinate during [fake pandemic] Corona. Only a few died. Steve Kirsch had offered $2,500 to anyone who could name more than 5 dead Amish.

The traditional Amish are unvaccinated and have a different approach to health. No testing. No masks. No vaccines. People who got sick did not go to the hospital. The Amish stayed in their communities and were treated as respiratory diseases are treated. The perfect placebo group.

Steve Kirsch writes about this on his blog:

I recently learned that in the unvaccinated Amish community in Lancaster, PA, population of over 50,000, fewer than a handful of people have likely died of COVID [flu]. Lancaster is the largest Amish community in the US.

If no one in the world can name more than 5 unvaccinated Amish who have died in Lancaster, PA, then that means the entire response to the pandemic (lockdown, closure of stores, schools, churches, testing, masking, social distancing, regulation) is completely out of whack. was unnecessary and counterproductive.

So far no one has been able to name more than 5 unvaccinated Amish people in Lancaster, PA who have died from Covid [flu]. In fact, they can't name anyone. Zero. [because there is no covid and they did not fall for the narrative, or have TVs]

The Amish have acted perfectly normally and their death toll is 30 times lower than ours. They acted as if nothing had happened.

Will we learn something from the Amish community? So far it doesn't look like it!

If the CDC were to investigate the Amish, it would be too embarrassing! It would show the world that everything the CDC has asked us to do has been both harmful and unnecessary; it has made things worse. And the things the CDC said not to do? Well, that's what the Amish did. You know; like that horse paste. – Source: Steve Kirsch

Of course there was a so-called "fact check", the Amish community would have been very affected by Corona. This so-called “fact check” once again proved a major problem with “reading comprehension”. The passage is in the source references (Twitter Steve Kirsch).

The SIDS cases, as well as the SADS cases and the "sudden and unexpected" cases, are unknown in the Amish community (episode #5 Impfgeflüster). In addition, they do not suffer from the known side effects of various vaccinations. Shouldn't this make us think?


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