The Planned Fall 2022 “Epidemics Tyranny”

The Planned Fall 2022 “Epidemics Tyranny”

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Peter Koenig

The German Government is preparing for a Military Regime for all eventualities. German leaders fear uprisings and they are arming the Bundeswehr for domestic operations. Germany has Europe’s largest Urban Warfare Training Center in „Schnöggersburg“ in Saxony-Anhalt, near Hamburg. It has been under construction since 2012 and was finished – training-ready – by 2020.

Today, the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) along with NATO forces are training for upheavals this fall – in Germany and likely in other major European cities.

It is clear that UN Agenda 2030, alias The Great Reset, with all its tyrannical, anti-societal measures to come, was in the plans for many years. In fact, with the 2010 Rockefeller report – see this — the plan for the decade of 2020-2030 was pretty much defined – see the chapters “The Scenario Framework” and the “Scenario Narratives”.

For those who pay attention to the WEF Cult’s warning of what was to come, their agenda was defined and explained way ahead. For more Cult “warnings”, see this.

In preparation of the planned Fall 2022 Epidemics Tyranny, the German government’s Corona Crisis Staff, for example, has already been under military leadership, most recently under Major General Carsten Breuer. He heads the Bundeswehr’s “Territorial Tasks” command in Berlin. Only recently, he boasted about measures and vaccination mandates to the Spiegel with these words:

“We will have to vaccinate up to 60 million people against Corona in the fall.”

This could be sheer bluff, or fearmongering – or it could be the truth. Or at least the plan based on what the German Government foresees. And this always in close collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF), and those who command the WEF, the world’s financial giants, what they have in mind for the next steps, to reduce global population and exert their control over the survivors.

The survivors will be those who do not immediately succumb to the next vaxx-drive, or to the economic collapse, i.e., by unemployment, misery and suicide; or unemployment misery, disease and death; or unemployment, poverty famine and death – and you may continue with our own list. There are no boundaries to their goals. Only We, the People, can stop them.

Then there is the risk of war-death. As the Ukraine war could easily escalate into a nuclear catastrophe – and wipe out not only hundreds of millions of people, but also food reserves, leading to famine and more death – death of biblical proportions.

Then, there is the electric grid. Artificially created energy shortages (conveniently blamed on the NATO / West instigated war between Ukraine and Russia), may bring not only darkness to the survivors, but also annihilation to all-digitized amenities that society by now depends on – including people’s bank accounts- meaning no access to survival goods, including food, heating and more. That could create another wave of death.

But don’t worry. “Their” digitized controlled over us will remain intact.

The diabolical plan for this fall, may be the basis for Major General Carsten Breuer’s prediction of 60 million “vaccinations” in Germany alone.

It follows predictions of Bill Gates, and WHO Director General Tedros’s declaration, making monkeypox on July 23, 2022 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), thus, overriding the WHO Emergency Committee, which decided 9-6 against recommending a PHEIC.

This alone says that there is an agenda behind this decision which Tedros / WHO doesn’t control. Instead, Tedros follows instructions.

How could this all link together, the 60 million vaxxes, the PHEIC, and the German Government’s military preparedness – with other governments probably following Germany’s lead?

The coming fall season may bring one or more new covid variants, then there is Monkeypox, just waiting in the wings to be declared another plandemic – and finally, there is the annual flu-season.

Taken the three together could make for a massive, but massive vaxxing campaign, either individual vaxxes for all of these invented diseases, or one vaxx “covers-all”.

For Covid alone it may be difficult to convince people for more vaxxes. But an immense monkeypox propaganda and a “particularly strong flu season” – which the media could predict – might scare enough people into taking both shots, or if generously proposed as a combined flu-monkeypox shot by one or two of the pharma-giants, people may be happy to get two in one.

Now, how does this work?

With the first rounds of plandemic(s), the Covid kind, including different variants, several vaxxes and boosters were administered to, say 50% to 70% of the population in the Global North, including Europe and the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand. It is more difficult to assess the vaxx-ratio in the Global South.

Medical estimates indicate that some 70% of all the vaxxes are placebos, salt water solutions, or the like, doing no harm. But 30% are mRNA-type vaxxes with different type of toxins in them. Different combinations, testing the fields of efficiency. All prone of causing different ailments, from cancers (predominantly affecting both women’s and men’s reproductive systems), leukemia, myocarditis, liver and kidney diseases and so on – an almost endless list.

Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP and Chief Science Officer, mentioned on several occasions, that many of these devastating side effects may appear only after 6 to 24 months, maybe even longer. It will be virtually impossible to trace the effects back to the vaxxes.

Many of these diseases are leading to death, often painful slow deaths. Others may result in different but very painful kinds of disablements – these are wanton killings and sufferings. If we were still living in a system of law, punishment for the perpetrators, those who know exactly what they are doing and those who command and coerce – or worse – the medical establishment to carry out their vaxx tyranny, despite knowing better – well, if we would still have a functioning system of “rule of law” – these individuals would be put on criminal trials, à la Nuremberg 2.0 – on steroids.

But such legal systems have been disabled. Entire national constitutions have been suspended, in order to push this deadly UN Agenda 2030 — the fulfillment of the Great Reset — to completion.

This system of 70% placebos is a great strategy for the “jabbers”. It’s a propaganda tool. Those who get placebos and are fine, no negative effects, will propagate and try to convince vaxx-sceptics, that it’s OK, no risk, they are fine – and why not getting it over with and be “protected”.

So, they do free advertising for the Monster-Cult.

Eurostat has registered an excess Mortality between March 2020 and June 2022 of up to 40%.

There is no other plausible reason than the genocidal vaxxes.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as Lancet and the New England Journal for Medicine (NEJM) in their honest research-assessments and statistics, clearly define a mortality for Covid – all variations – of 0.07 to 0.1% and most of the deaths are people above age 70 and with co-morbidities. This is similar to the common flu.

Yet, governments and health authorities keep pushing the “vaxxes”. And “Somebody” pushes the governments and health services. Nobody is strong and bold enough to stop this Monster. No government. Not even the UN system.

To the contrary, the UN system is corrupted and is colluding with the “Evil Masters”. They are all afraid of the potential consequences. So, they bend down. To safe their skin – while the bulldozers ram on – endlessly. Dishing out death potions. No remorse.

Speculatively speaking, in this Fall vaxx-tyranny, the ratio of “real” vs. placebo vaxxes may increase to 50 / 50, which means more fatal diseases – often not immediately, but after one or two years, when it will be hard to trace the death back to the vaxxes . (Mike Yeadon).

Many of those who suspect it, will psychologically not be able to admit to themselves and to others, that ailments, or deaths of loved ones, are due to the poisonous vaxxes. And the placebo guys will again be advertising for the vaxx agenda.

We are still only in the first quarter of the WHO predicted (in 2014) vaxx decade. Just imagine what may follow, if we don’t stop it?

To stop it, we have to conquer our own psychological barriers. Waking up is the first step.

Then, we have to join in solidarity with other people who want to find an alternative lifestyle, an alternative societal wellbeing – and who are not afraid to see reality. The reality as it confronts us today. A reality that cannot – repeat CANNOT – be reformed. Because it is fully in control of those who call the shots, of those with the money leverage, with the power to kill you, if you interfere with their plan.

It begs the question: What the f**k is wrong with this world, with this system?

To survive, we may have to establish a parallel society, one that doesn’t depend on their money, on their values.

As it were, we are sitting in a pothole, to become a dungeon, because our strive for comfort allows it to become a dungeon, slave-barracks.

Ask yourself, what can I and my fellow citizens do to exit this Monster prison?

Finding a solution may not be as difficult as we imagine. Evil cannot ascend from darkness. That’s why they want us to stay with them, so they may draw on our energy. They do that inspiring fear and anger.

Therefore, we have to look up to the light. And as we do, we must not ignore the warnings they give us.

They tell us that there is something wrong. We have to start listening to Klaus Schwab’s Israeli-advisor, Yuval Noah Harari, who shamelessly calls his fellow humans – if he is indeed human – useless and superfluous eaters, no longer needed, because robots and AI will soon take over.

He says it in public, most recently in a TED talk without scruples. See video below. Why don’t we listen to him? What does one do with “useless eaters”, redundant consumers, using up the elite’s natural resources?

They may be slanted for “neutralization”. What better tools than fear of an invisible virus, leading to the administering of toxic vaxxes; artificial inflation, making the rich even richer and enhancing poverty, misery; the collapse of the economy, causing more misery, famine and death. Airlines collapsing, a proxy for travel restrictions – meaning a bar on liberty and freedom.

Then, there is an ever silently encroaching QR Code – eventually controlling everything. It is the instrument to absolute tyranny.

It is applied everywhere and, if not stopped by us, the People, it will become the all-encompassing global ID, with thousands of pieces of information of each and everyone of us. It’s a pre-position to total and absolute enslavement.

For two years, we are inundated with artificially created supply-chain disruptions, and / or shortages of everything, from food to energy. Does anybody ask, “why now”?

And just in case somebody might ask, the culprit is always Russian President Putin. He is the  “foreign” media-made villain. It’s a good psychological strategy for the masses, as they don’t have to look for, or even see the Monster in front of them.

We have to start looking at the real causes, at the Cult-Monster – and circumvent it, by creating alternative models of living, by getting together, doing what the financial elites don’t want us to do: Act in solidarity.

No longer bending to mask rules, to social distancing, to lockdowns, to working from home – no complacency.

Togetherness, unification, solidarity are the concepts that allow us to grow out of the dungeons of slavery. The dynamics of this new “togetherness” will enlighten us for the creation of new forms of societal cohabitation, of sharing and developing new sciences.

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