The “Rules Based World Order” faction has surrendered | Updated

The “Rules Based World Order” faction has surrendered | Updated

Benjamin Fulford |

The mega black swan event predicted for March 15th actually did take place as will become increasingly obvious over the coming days and months. The Khazarian Mafia’s so-called “Rules Based World Order,” has surrendered, according to Asian Secret Society and White Dragon sources. The hybrid war for control of the planet Earth that has been raging at least since September 11, 2001, is thus ending.

This came as a White Dragon Society representative hand-delivered a declaration of war against the Japanese government. The declaration said the government was controlled by foreign gangsters who murdered over 400,000 Japanese citizens with vaccines. Demands include the expulsion of fake US Ambassador Rahm Emanuel and all foreign “Japan handlers.” It calls for the formation of an emergency government under the Japanese royal family, It also calls for the nationalization of the Bank of Japan, a jubilee, the reinstatement of the Economic Planning Agency and more.

The imminent move in Japan comes after Chinese authorities arrested 726,000 people last year, a jump of 47.1% from the previous year… amid a crackdown on crimes linked to “hostile foreign forces.”

In a public sign the Khazarian Mafia is surrendering, “Pope Francis” said Ukraine should have the courage to wave the “white flag” of surrender to Russia and the planetary liberation alliance.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell also confirmed the KM surrender when he wrote on his blog:

“If the current global geopolitical tensions continue to evolve in the direction of ‘the West against the Rest,’ Europe’s future risks to be bleak. The era of Western dominance has indeed definitively ended.”

In further sign the KM-controlled US regime is finished, Russian President Vladimir Putin says Washington has become a laughing stock of the rest of the world. “I think it’s obvious to everyone that the American political system cannot claim to be democratic in any sense of the word…and is becoming “increasingly uncivilized.”

Yet another sign came on March 11th -the anniversary of the Fukushima terror attack- when the Federal Reserve Board stopped bailing out banks.

This means most of the major Western banks are now de facto bankrupt.

That is why “All Major CEO’s are selling their stocks,” many commentators agree.


Oops, even ole Warren Buffet wants out before the collapse: IRS data reportedly shows Buffett traded Berkshire stocks in personal account, according to ProPublica

Warren Buffett was allegedly front-running or trading stocks in his personal account that his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway was buying and selling. This is a practice that he himself in the past deemed a conflict of interest, according to ProPublica on Thursday. It’s more than that, it is illegal.

All this is happening because behind the scenes on March 15th an Asian royal was officially designated as the new M1 or controller of the financial system, according to Asian secret society sources. Christine Lagarde is President of the European Central Bank because she agreed to take orders from the new M1, they add.

The sources say confirmation of change will come when Goldman Sachs announces their departure from Japan on April 15th.

This is a mega black swan event for many reasons. A change in control of the financial system is a change in control of the process of deciding what humanity will do in the future.

For one thing, it marks the end of a millennia-old project by the families who control monotheism to impose a god king of their lineage on the entire planet. On a shorter time span, it marks the end of a Freemason project started in 1717 to destroy Russia as a prelude to subjugating China. 


It also marks the end of 80 years of the post-World War II Western-dominated international system. On an even closer focus, it marks the end of the unipolar world dominance the US enjoyed since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Gnostic Illuminati sources say what has happened is beyond biblical in scale because it means the end of a war against fallen angels that has been raging for 26,000 years.

However, on a here-and-now level, change will appear more slowly because turning around a plan that has been in motion for at least decades is not something that can be done overnight,

For example, the planning for the 2020-2023 scamdemic started 45 years earlier as can be seen by World Bank reports from 1975. The hunger crisis the elites are now trying to create also dates back at least as far. This means decades of laws, preparation by corporations and brainwashing of elite servants need to be dealt with.

Nonetheless, meetings are being held to determine how to spend trillions of dollars for the benefit of humanity and the planet’s other living creatures.

Representatives of the WDS, Asian Royals and the CEO of a major international bank are meeting this week to discuss plans to release at least a trillion dollars for setting up a future planning organization. There will be a press conference to announce this as soon as the funds are confirmed.

In the meanwhile, the current Western political/economic system continues to circle the drain.

For example, recent discussions at the UN and the World Health Organization display depopulation plans disguised as things like “LGTB rights” and “women’s health.”

WHO guidelines for the “health of transgender and gender diverse people,” are being decided by commission members who almost all have financial ties to organizations that profit from the gender reassignment procedure, according to the CitizenGo pro-life group. These guidelines promote harmful drugs and irreversible gender reassignment surgery (castration and sterilization) for children and young people.

Meanwhile, the goals of the “UN Commission on the Status of Women” this year are the promotion of trans ideology and the pursuit of universal access to abortion. “They continually promote the extreme ideas that women cannot be defined by biology and that gender is a social construct. Doing so, they significantly harm women around the world and put many of them at risk,” Polish intelligence sources say.

This is not new. The excerpt below from a mid-1950s Disney cartoon shows a restrained male prisoner being literally “groomed” into a female.


The result is women in KM-controlled countries like Sweden, Japan and South Korea have never had so few children as in 2023. In Sweden, based on the childbearing gap, Yasir Qadhi, a Pakistani-born American theologian, predicts that in just one generation, half the population will be Muslim.


This is the result of long-term KM plans to reduce the world population, especially the European population. Their plan calls for dumbing down the majority of the world’s population to turn them into farm animals for members of their tribe.


There is serious blowback coming.

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the U.S Army War College says, “The system we live in today is completely dominated by the Zionists from every angle be that Politics, Education, Finance or Media. This is the reality and something that the masses need to come to terms with…The Zionists are behind the creation of nearly every worldwide problem. For Centuries they’ve been trying to control nations for their own benefit.”


That control is ending, The attempt to use Ukraine to subjugate Russia has ended in defeat, failure and bankruptcy.

Now it’s Israel’s turn. The recent genocide in Gaza was the last straw:

Israel’s power, based on the myth that Jews are incompatible with fascism, has collapsed. From now on, it will be possible to exhume all the crimes committed by this tiny group, on behalf of the CIA, during the Cold War, in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, writes French journalist Thierry Meyssan.

War crimes tribunals are coming. Some 650 Chilean lawyers have filed a legal complaint at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu for committing genocide in the besieged Gaza Strip.


The US government has been forced to stop its’ support of Israel after the BRICS coalition of more than 80% of the worlds’ people threatened it with sanctions and a boycott.

In a sign of this boycott BRICS is considering creating a form of mutual settlements similar to that of the early European Union, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Russia’s Sherpa in the BRICS Sergey Ryabkov said

That’s why the US government said in the annual Threat Assessment report “Netanyahu’s viability as [a] leader as well as his governing collation of far-right and ultra-orthodox parties that pursue hardline policies on Palestinian and security issues may be in doubt.”

Even Zionist Jewish American leaders are abandoning the Netanyahu regime. As a Mossad source comments “Wow, Zionist Chuck Schumer is calling for new elections. It seems that Bibi’s days are about over,” after Schumer said “Israel cannot survive if it becomes a pariah,”

A final confrontation is coming. US officials are saying an Israeli military operation in Rafah would likely lead to an end to US defense of Israel at the United Nations

Netanyahu, meanwhile has effectively said his red line is that Israel must go into Rafah. In other words he will fight to the death and it will be his death.

Russian FSB sources tell us Iran and Russia have cleared the airspace over Syria in preparation for more direct action against Israel and the US. Iran has suspended. all flights to Syria indefinitely.

The current fake US government is in no position to stop this since it does not control the military and is itself circling the drain.

Here is the latest from the walking dead fake US President Joe Biden.

He is spouting nonsense like “We have among the lowest inflation rates of any country in America,” and that his government has added a “record

15 million new jobs.”


This Biden actor is apparently is wearing GPS shoes.

Meanwhile this screen shot from a now deleted website shows the real Biden is lying dead in his grave.

And yet, the US government shit show continues. The latest about the staged January 6 KM Deep State event is that 88 pages of ATF records from the DOJ in a lawsuit show the CIA deployed personnel to Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021.

Then there is the ongoing farce of legal cases against US President Donald Trump: Georgia Judge McAfee Rules Fani Willis Can Continue Her Racketeering Case Against President Trump Despite Lying in Court About Her Affair.

“The KM controlled Deep State Dems are really scared that Trump will do to them what they have been doing to him and many of his supporters,” a Pentagon source comments.

“The former president has openly said he intends to weaponize the Department of Justice against his enemies,” VP Harris said about Trump.


The fact is the vast majority of Americans don’t want to have anything to do with either faction. Recent polls snow only 16% of Americans have confidence in the federal government. This is down from 77% in 1964 and 54% in 2001. No surprise.

The 16% support is also around the percentage of US military jets that are combat ready. A September 2023 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on the F-35 revealed that only 15 to 30 percent of F-35s may be capable of combat.

No wonder there’s a big movement of people refusing to pay their taxes


The situation is leading to heavy infighting amongst the oligarchs who de facto run the US Corporation.

This is seen in what appears to be a campaign to destroy Boeing Aircraft. In the latest John Barnett, a whistleblower who had been involved in a lawsuit against Boeing, Lawyers for a Boeing whistleblower found dead on the day he was due to testify against the jetliner giant are questioning that he killed himself in a South Carolina parking lot — and calling for an investigation.

There is also a huge war to control cyberspace in the US. This pits Larry Ellison (CIA white hats) behind TikTok plus Elon Musk (US military white hates) and X versus Larry Page, the Rockefellers and Bill Gates behind Google. Meta, Instagram and Messenger.

In confirmation of what Russian FSB sources told us about Musk being a front for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office, SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, is in the process of building hundreds of spy satellites.

While the US oligarchs duke it out, Russia is on the offensive. “The Western elites have a great desire to freeze the current, injust situation in international affairs – for centuries, they’ve become used to stuffing their stomachs with human flesh and their pockets with money…”The vampire ball is coming to an end…” says Putin.


Polish intelligence informs us Russia is about to send an ultimatum to 7 capitals. This apparently includes a demand for the return to Russia of the Baltic States.

Meanwhile an undeclared civil war is raging in Poland. The government there just used agents provocateurs throwing stones at police as a pretext for a brutal attack on a farmers’ protest in front of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland.


“A civil war is coming, farmers will attack the government,” Polish sources say. “A farmer knows better how to cultivate the land, not an official in Brussels who wants to impose on him how to take care of his soil and the environment. If a farmer did not take care of his land, he would not be today agriculture in Poland and in the European Union,” says the farmer, Vice Minister of Agriculture, Michał Kołodziejczak.

There is also a revolution fully under way in the French speaking world.

The change of elites in francophone West Africa, which began in 2021, has stripped Paris of much of its traditional political and economic influence in the region, not to mention its prominent military presence. The French military has now pulled out of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and the Central African Republic. Meanwhile, the Russian Armed Forces established its “African Corps.”

Apparently it is the loss of looted African resources that has led French President Emmanuelle Macron to tell his people “French intervention in Ukraine cannot be ruled out, and France will do everything to make sure Russia doesn’t win.”

Of course the French all know Macron is a former male prostitute married to his uncle “Brigitte.”

Now the rest of the world is catching on. Conservative commentator Candace Owens says “I would stake my entire professional reputation on the fact that Brigitte Macron is in fact a man,”

Here is Macron desperately trying to defend himself.


Meanwhile the Satanists are making another last stand on the Francophone Island of Haiti.

A major Satanist, who has been hidden, came out in full view there. Gilbert Bigio Haiti’s only billionaire oligarch -a Syrian Jew- has emerged as the mastermind behind all the mayhem and misery now unfolding on that Island.

By the way, the Rockefellers are also Syrian or rather Assyrian “Jews.” The Assyrians worship Ashur, the God of War also known as Ba’al or Satan. In a sign of how deep and ancient this is, look at the ancient graven images for this god found in places as far apart as Mesopotamia and Ecuador.

The Rockefeller controlled Clinton Foundation were in charge of the $13+ billion in aid to rebuild Haiti back when it was hit with an earthquake weapon in 2010. Bill Clinton used the phrase “build Haiti back better”. The Haitian People never saw that money, and now their country is ruled by cannibal gangs. This is what the Dems mean when they say “build back better”. They do not care about helping the needy. They are only interested in enriching themselves under the guise of “foreign aid”.

French military sources tell us Rockefeller agent Bibio has hired US special forces to grab children and harvest adrenachrome in Haiti. In corroborating evidence, the Miami Herald tells us Bibio bought Jeffrey Epstein’s $132,000 Mercedes.

He has been accused by the Canadian foreign ministry -along with two other superwealthy Haitians- of using economic power ‘to protect and enable the illegal activities of the armed criminal gangs’ that are tearing the country apart.

Canadian special forces are now in Haiti fighting against the Rockefeller Satanic proxies, according to French military intelligence sources.

Here is the Rockefellers’ man Barbecue: the new leader of Haiti after the real leader was forced to step down. Notice his hand signal and necklace of course.

To understand just how evil these people are here you can see a cannibal eating a human barbecue Haiti. (warning graphic)

Now they plan to send these cannibals to the US. DoD officials say they are “alerted” about a potential maritime “mass migration” from Haiti into the United States.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is deploying law enforcement officers and an air-and-sea fleet to Florida’s southern waters to help curb a potential wave of these Haitian immigrants.

It turns out that another reason for the Rockefeller & UN on-going occupation in Haiti & the collapse of the State is to go after Iridium deposits there. “One ton of Iridium is worth $45 BILLION & Haiti has mountains of it” says Haiti expert Ezili Danto.


Apparently Iridium is essential for space activity which apparently the KM hopes to use to prevent themselves from being hung for their medical and other crimes.

They are getting desperate as more and more people figure out “First they inject you with a cancer causing experimental jab and then they profit from charging you for cancer treatments…”


Now J&J will acquire cancer drug developer Ambrx Biopharma for $2 billion

And this:

Pfizer has also jumped into the cancer business. This is to harvest $ 33.3 Billion revenues from excess cancer caused by the the Covid vaccine.

This sort of crime has prompted British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen to call for Bill Gates and the elite “Covid cabal” to face the death penalty for alleged “crimes against humanity” during the Covid pandemic. “Can we have a debate on crimes against humanity, and the appropriate punishment for those who perpetuate, collude and cover up for these atrocities,” continued Bridgen. “Atrocities and crimes that are so severe, that the ultimate punishment may be required.”

One of these criminals, Canadian crime minister Pierre Castrudeau is so scared he is trying to pass a law to make online hate (ie truth) punishable up to life in prison.


This came after 20 plaintiffs filed a $2.2 MILLION class-action lawsuit against Trudeau, the RCMP and various other entities for violating their charter rights by illegally invoking and enforcing the Emergencies Act and seizing theirbank accounts.

It looks like many British royals have already faced the ultimate penalty. The BBC has reportedly been notified to watch out for an “extremely important” royal announcement “at any moment.”

As we have already reported, a whole slew of British royals have vanished.

Now just as this report was about to go live Canadian intelligence sent us the following:

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton was murdered in an Illuminati blood sacrifice, according to Princess Diana’s best friend who also revealed the ritual killing had long been been planned as part of the royal family’s dark occult traditions.


The fact that Kate would be offed has been an open secret among the British aristocracy for years, according to Christine Fitzgerald, who claims that just like her friend Princess Diana, Middleton was carefully chosen for the sacrificial role due to her personality and bloodline.


As the public in Britain and around the world demand the royal family release proof of life, the woman who was once Diana’s best friend is urging the world to wake up to the dark truth about the Luciferian House of Windsor.

As this happens, the British reveal their Directed Energy Weapon technology to the world. The declassified footage below reveals Britain’s DragonFire laser weapon. It can destroy drones and hypersonic missiles instantly at £10 per shot.


It also looks like even more fearsome things are being planned by the KM for April.

It turns out the Oklahoma National Guard will deploy guardsmen for the total solar eclipse on April 8, which is an important Jewish holy day.

On that day a team of 22 elite members from the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear units will be stationed.

Residents are advised to prepare by stocking up on one to two weeks’ worth of food ahead of the event.


Due to the potential for communication facilities to become “overloaded”, making cell phone calls might be challenging.

Hundreds of schools in path of total solar eclipse cancel classes over safety concerns…this eclipse cuts across the United States of America, Mexico & Canada; it will go over more metropolitan areas in one path than any other eclipse in the history of the Western Hemisphere.,eclipse%20will%20cause%20near%20total-darkness%20in%20certain%20areas.

As a CIA source comments “There is definitely something going on here.

Will the power grid go down? All cell phone services going off line. April 8 is a total solar eclipse.”


Also it turns out “We are currently in the ‘322nd’ year of Yale (college of Skull and Bones 322)” and this solar eclipse will last “3 Minutes and 22 seconds”

To add icing to the cake they are telling us a “Devil comet” will be visible to the naked eye during the solar eclipse.

Operation Blue Beam anyone?

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