Serpent Or “Sir” For Short + WHO's Single Serpent Genocide/Death Symbol

Serpent Or “Sir” For Short + WHO's Single Serpent Genocide/Death Symbol

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Jason Christoff

The serpent icon is one of the most ancient icons on the planet. This symbol reflects an ancient knowledge of what’s known as the coiling serpent, which is the DNA of all life forms. Although we’ve been told as a society that only recently did we come across the knowledge of the spiraling double helix, which controls life (the genetic code), many ancient texts declare that this was discovered thousands of years ago.

The serpent (our DNA) and the knowledge to manipulate our genetic code, simply became a symbol that meant “man of knowledge”. Serpent or “sir” for short, is still used today inside cultures tied to this ancient knowledge, where if you walk by a person of high standing you’re required to address them as “sir”, meaning “serpent”……”man of knowledge.” Look at the word “surgeon”…which means “sir-geon”. Again, man of knowledge. Circumcision or circumference….all starting with the sound “sir”. Even your “surname”….meaning your genetic lineage, the double helix DNA that holds the knowledge to all life. Many ancient texts recount us “the humans” as being genetically manipulated to be slaves…and today that fine tradition is more than obvious for anyone who has eyes to see.

The “new medicine” being injected into people right now is about manipulating our genetic code. The ancient serpent cult is more than alive and well on this planet, they’re now pushing for a complete planetary take over. Even the very computer I write on is an ACER…which really means A-SIR……a marking of their spy based technological property. My friend listens to SIRIUS RADIO in his car. SIR-IUS……a mind control radio station run by the serpent cult. It should be obvious why the foundation of that SIRIUS RADIO was Howard Stern for many years. Spreading psychic garbage into the minds of the collective. Stern thinks everyone likes him and that’s why he’s paid hundreds of millions but it’s the serpent cult making sure nothing but garbage surrounds us at every turn.

Even one of the biggest companies in the world, run by the Royal Family, and in charge of most of the world’s track and trace technology is called SERCO or SIR-CO………a massive organization controlled by the serpent cult. The “testing” swabs (used in a fake positive case campaign) are really there to steal and library your genetic code, so they can continue to study and alter your DNA……the full time obsession of the serpent cult, as the serpent symbol is nothing more than knowledge about the coding of the life force found in your genetics. In Britain, if a King or Queen flew the dragon flag in front of their marching army……it meant to kill everything and to take no prisoners. Women and children were not even to be spared. The serpent cult are evil of the highest order and they are now orchestrating a fraudulent and fabricated nodemic agenda upon the entire world population. St. Patrick was said to have chased the snakes out of Ireland but you now know that this story was never about real snakes, it was about strong men chasing out the extremely evil serpent cult………which have their ancient origins in the Middle East.

The word serpent and dragon come from the same source, referring to the men of knowledge “breathing fire”……from within the caves. Those caves were workshops and those caves didn’t house “dragons”. They housed men of knowledge experimenting with gun powder, advanced weapons and other forms of alchemy. These men of knowledge were also said to come from the constellation Draco, which means dragon or serpent. What they don’t tell you is often much more interesting than what they do tell you. The medical symbol even today is the caduceus….two coiling serpents, indicative of the DNA. The blueprint to our genetic code……..which keeps being down regulated by the toxic alchemy of our modern serpents, hiding within the corrupt fields of science, medicine, government and media. Today the serpents appear hard at work eroding our genetic code through various chemical and EMF based assaults. The winners write the history books and we’re only given a censored version of our earth history

Just look at the word caduceus (the medical system’s double spiral helix DNA symbol meaning “we control life”) and if you know word magic, you know that every word’s spelling or phonetic sounds hold vibration based messages and truth. Caduceus = KA-DUCE-SEE-US. Ka is Egyptian for spirit or soul, the invisible electricity that animates the body. (body is BA in Egyptian) For life to exist in Egyptian medicine you need both the KA and the BA. (the spirit and the body) KA-DUCE-SEE-US means that the spirit needs the duce (the two) to SEE US. For us to exist as humans in physical form we need two coiling serpents THE MALE AND THE FEMALE. On any battery there is a positive charge (the driver/the male) and the negative side of the battery (the receiver/the womb). For electricity or life to flow, you need the male and the female. There is no battery at your hardware store with two male sides or two females sides because it would never conduct electricity.

It should be noticed that THE WHO’s primary symbol (the World Health (Hell) Organization) is a single serpent, which is a genocide/death symbol because life can’t exist with only one side of the serpent. Males having sex with males or females with females means life ends. You need two coiling serpents, not one. Life can only exist when male and female forces coil together…so why do you really think THE WHO’s symbol is one serpent, when THE WHO also pushes the idea of same sex relationships through proven mind control tactics into the public consciousness world wide? Hidden symbols and agenda’s rule this world. Anti life symbolism and agendas are now in full gallop across this planet. I believe the female spirit, gender and energy has been tricked through word magic and Hollywood sorcery to take on male roles, male characteristics and to live their lives away from their true male protectors. At the same time the males have been weakened through Hollywood mind control, garbage nutrition that doesn’t accentuate male traits and chemicals that feminize the male hormonal profile. I believe this was and is a very well laid trap for the female and it’s the female gender that’s being targeted to be the helix strand removed by a one world government run by a one world gender. Either men looking as men or men in drag. Like in Shakespearean times, all the actors were men. Men playing men or men in drag, no women. (please investigate the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Melinda Gates and Dr. Rachel Levine for the what the tip of the iceberg looks like regarding this one gender/one world government population control psy-op)

Even the word Khan or Caan means “serpent” or “dragon” in their native languages. And that’s where we get the phrase “con job”…..meaning you’re getting deceived or tricked. Even our words like “confused” means “con-fused” or “fused to the con job or fused to the serpent”…..caught in the trap or being constantly tricked by the ancient men of knowledge, who still rule and operate this human farm that we all live on. Con-gress. Con-stitution. Con-tract. If you’re at a bar and everyone is drinking alcohol poison or doing drugs, you’ll feel “con-fused” if you don’t want to underachieve and hurt yourself like everyone else around you. This means you’re “fused with the con job”……confused. But enough about these ancient symbols, languages and groups who enslave us through energy magic. An ancient war now wages on a planet where most believe that demons only hide in their TV’s, as paid actors within their Netflix movies, when the real demons walk in plain sight. It’s time to start paying closer attention. Half your freedom should have always been dedicated to maintaining that freedom. We’ve failed that task and that’s why anti life symbolism and anti life demonic evil is upon us. It’s time to use our freedom more wisely and push back on any agenda that aims to destroy life on this planet


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