The Shame Of The Medical Profession

The Shame Of The Medical Profession

Dr Vernon Coleman

Why Im Ashamed Of The Medical Profession

The UK is in dire straits. There is no effective health care.

In recent years, the country has gone through misery, despair, deliberately created false fear and major fraud. As a result countless millions are mentally ill – too sick to work. Millions take antidepressants and/or tranquillisers.

Thousands of elderly patients have been officially and legally murdered by doctors using a `kill shot’ comprising of morphine and a benzodiazepine tranquilliser.

Endless millions are on waiting lists which, for them, will never end. Millions will die before they are diagnosed or treated.

And what is happening? What is the medical profession’s response to this? How are doctors confronting the biggest crisis in health care since the Middle Ages?

The British Medical Association, the doctors’ trade union and the patients’ enemy is promoting strikes for doctors and demanding a 35% pay rise.

One week, the strikers are junior doctors (young doctors in training – some of whom are earning just under over £70,000 a year).

And then it is consultants who are on strike (their average annual salary is currently over £130,000 a year – making hospital doctors among the highest paid people in the country, and, I suspect, among the highest paid in Europe.) Many hospital doctors earn more than the average, of course, with many earning hundreds of thousands a year from private patients – in addition to their NHS salaries.

For three and half years the moribund NHS has been in turmoil.

The lockdowns, the unnecessary closure of hospital departments while nurses practised their Tik Tok steps, the absurd and dangerous mask wearing and the insane social distancing all pushed waiting times longer and longer.

Doctors could and should have stopped these insanities. But, instead, they made things worse. Even today there are doctors claiming that mask wearing should come back – even though my book Proof that Face Masks do more Harm than Good provides solid proof that masks are dangerous and useless.

Today, there are over seven million UK citizens urgently waiting for essential treatment. Many of them will die untreated.

Is the BMA determined to destroy the NHS? It looks like it.

Or is the nastiest and most unnecessary trade union in British history determined to destroy Britain?

There are many vital issues which doctors need to deal with.

Why, for example, did so many doctors give injections of the toxic and dangerous covid-19 ‘vaccine’ without ever asking questions? Why did they break every ethical law in existence and give a toxic and experimental vaccine without fully explaining to patients what they were doing?

Why did so few doctors question the fake covid pandemic when it was patently clear that the Government was telling lie after lie after lie?

Why did doctors not notice that the Government’s own advisors had officially ruled that covid-19 was no more dangerous than the flu?

But the BMA is not taking action on any of these issues.

It just wants an inflation busting pay rise that will make the NHS even worse than it is and which will push inflation far, far higher – therefore impoverishing even more people.

Ironically, (as I showed decades ago) death rates will fall because of the strikes (as dangerous and unnecessary procedures and prescriptions are delayed indefinitely or permanently – for example, most heart operations are unnecessary).

BUT there will still be much suffering.

Real people are suffering massively because of these greedy, indefensible strikes.

For example: a 16-year-old boy showing signs of myocarditis has still not been seen by a doctor. His GP refuses to see patients because she is frightened of catching covid (the flu). She will only talk to patients on the telephone. The boy has been referred to a cardiologist. But he is unlikely to be seen this year. The real irony is that his myocarditis was almost certainly caused by the covid-19 vaccine which his GP’s nurse gave him.

For example: a 26-year-old woman who has a newly diagnosed thyroid disorder is still waiting to see a hospital specialist. The diagnosis was made by her GP months ago but the GP won’t start treatment without a consultant’s advice. And so the symptoms remain untreated.

For example: a man of 42 has a frozen shoulder. He is in constant pain. He cannot work and cannot sleep. He has been waiting five months to see a consultant and is, therefore, waiting for essential physiotherapy treatment. He has now lost his job and is in danger of losing his home. He has a wife and two young children.

For example: a man of 53 had a suspected heart attack. He was sent home from the local casualty department and is still waiting for an appointment to see a consultant. His GP does not do home visits and the man is too ill to go to the doctor’s surgery.

For example: a depressed girl of 14 desperately needs to see a child psychologist or psychiatrist. She has been off school for eleven months. She spends each day in her bedroom. She has been told she is unlikely to receive specialist treatment for at least four years.

For example: a 47-year-old woman is waiting for tests to see if she has cancer. She has been waiting eight weeks for vital tests. She is distraught and worried that her possible cancer is growing. The doctors’ strikes have definitely endangered her life and have caused her and her family massive stress.

Multiply those case histories by a million. That’s what the doctors’ strikes are doing to the people of Britain.

Every striking doctor has broken every principle of medical ethics. The deliberate, cold-blooded withdraw of labour is a breach of honour and a breach of the contract between doctor and patient.

No striking doctor has the right to remain in the profession.

But no striking doctor will be punished.

On the other hand, doctors who spoke the truth about covid and the covid vaccine had their licences removed.

That’s the medical profession 2023 style.

I weep with rage and shame and a sense of never ending despair. I am appalled at the way the medical profession has embraced greed and corruption and abandoned everything noble that the profession of Hippocrates and Aesculapius once stood for.

Today, Hippocrates and Aesculapius would turn their backs on the BMA.

May all those associated with the BMA rot in the hell of their own making.

They have my eternal contempt. They deserve yours too.

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