The SHTF Value Based Alternative Economic System

The SHTF Value Based Alternative Economic System

Dylan Eleven •

If the money system goes down and we are living in situation where we need to create a barter and trade system that is outside of the control of the cabal, a post apocalyptic Mad Max type of idea; the problem comes in how do we structure this system, and how do we get people to use it, when some have resources and money and some have only time and effort.

During the lockdown, I attended several meetings of people who were creating underground networks to keep the flow of food and supplies coming if we need to completely abandon society and build our own.

The underlying problem with these groups was how do you get people to buy into your new Freedom Bucks System, when some have money, gold, and silver, and economic wealth currently and some people in the groups have none.

How do we enter into a system with such inequality going in?  This issue seemed to stop these systems from forming in their tracks:   Those with money, did not want to put their money in, and did not want to get involved with those who did not have money to put in.

If everyone had money to buy gold and silver to trade, it would be simple, or if everyone had none, it would be simple.  How do you get both together?

The solution to this problem is simple.  If the shit has hit the fan we must plan for a system where we do not involve money at all directly in the system.

The system itself does not get into money, you can't put money into it to buy freedom bucks credits, units, whatever you want to call them.  No money involved creates equality in the system.   No money in, no money out.  Just goods and services.

The only thing that can earn you freedom units is adding a good or a service that someone actually buys.

  • For those who have no money, they enter into the system using goods or services they create or perform themselves.
  • For those who have money, gold and silver, etc, they can choose to either pay someone to do a service to be entered into the system for credits, or they can buy a bottle of vodka for example and put that good into the system. Or they can choose to create or perform the service themselves.  

The result is the system only deals with goods and services as an input and output, and both those with money and those without can enter into the system.

How you get that good or service into the system is up to you.  

And what you do with it after it leaves the system is up to you.  Consume it, use it or sell it for currency, gold or silver.