The Sound Of Freedom Movie Diverts The Attention Away From Those Who Are Truly Responsible

The Sound Of Freedom Movie Diverts The Attention Away From Those Who Are Truly Responsible

Stop World Control  |  David Sorensen

What you don’t know about the movie “Sound of Freedom”

There is something weighing on my heart about the film Sound of Freedom. As we all know, this is a powerful movie about the horrible reality of worldwide child trafficking. Millions of children disappear every single year. It is the worst crime of all time. I am glad that - finally - worldwide attention is given to this horror.

What saddens me however, is that the film in no way reveals - or even hints to - who the true culprits are in the international child trafficking operations. It basically diverts the attention away from those who are truly responsible for the kidnapping, abusing, torturing and murdering of children worldwide.

Sound of Freedom creates the illusion that this is something that happens deep inside the jungles of South America, by for example the Mexican cartel. Although that is true, it's in no way the full story.

If the world thinks this is something done by criminals in the jungle, then they will never understand how in reality it is done by those in the high and lofty skyscrapers in New York, in the official government buildings of Washington DC, in the historic architectural masterpieces of London, in the beautiful castles of Europe, in the shiny conference centers of Davos, and so on.

What good does it do, if a film tells humanity that there is child trafficking going on, while it completely conceals who the true monsters are who organize this?

In my pedophilia report “Every child should have a sexual partner”, I explain how the World Health Organization and United Nations are overwhelming the entire worldwide primary school system, with authoritative instructions to make sure that toddlers and even newborn babies become sexually active. They state that sex is a “human right, regardless of age” and command education authorities to teach tiny little kids in kindergarten how to masturbate, how to engage in sexual acts with one another, how to play sexual games, and so on.

The report also shows how primary education worldwide must teach young children how to start using online pornography, and how to discover different sexual techniques like oral sex.

The WHO and UN are literally telling the entire worldwide school system to groom vulnerable little children for pedophiles. In the report I also show how the WHO and UN handpicked a leading pedophilia organization to execute this agenda in dozens of countries worldwide, proving how this is indeed a direct assault on the children of humanity by pedophiles.

In this report you can also read a letter from a lady who came out of the so called “elites”, those who run the world behind the scenes. She explains how it are these elites who rape children thousands of times by the time they are 18, and how this WHO and UN agenda serves the purpose of making their practices of severe child abuse mainstream.

Evidence how top officials of our own communities abuse children

I also created another evidence report that shows how royal families, presidents, high ranking officials in law enforcement, the military, CIA, FBI, the judiciary, media and so on are all deeply involved in satanic ritual abuse, torture and murder of millions of children worldwide.

This is not just done by the Mexican Cartel, or other typical stereotype criminals, as Sound of Freedom suggests. No. This is done by those who claim to fight the cartel, those who claim to stand for justice, those who claim to protect the children, those who claim to help the parents.

Next week I will do an interview with a retired nurse who has worked in youth care for decades. She has gathered all the evidence how governments are organizing kidnapping of children form their homes, through foster care, to then sell them in child trafficking and organ trading networks. She works with organizations of retired police officers and detectives who are preparing to reveal this.

No matter how emotionally engaging the film Sound of Freedom is, THIS is what’s really going on, and Sound of Freedom doesn't mention it at all.

It creates a caricature of child trafficking, while concealing what is really going on all over the world, at a much higher level.

We don’t need to go into the dark jungles to rescue children. That is a lie, designed to divert attention away from where these crimes really happen. We need to go to Washington DC to rescue the children. We must go to the government buildings in every city. We must arrest the heads of state, and the heads of the military and law enforcement, who have been compromised by this. The heads of mega churches, the heads of media, the heads of the financial world, the heads of Hollywood.

Not just in some remote jungle…

I do believe that Sound of Freedom will add to the overal awareness of the crimes against children, which is good. So I am not saying it is a bad film. It can absolutely help raise awareness of the reality of child trafficking. But we must take the next step, and understand that there is so much more going on. So much more. Far worse. And in entirely different places.

Your very own mayor, the head of your police department, your governor and senator, your president, the leading judges of your community and country, the faces you trust in the news media, your favorite Hollywood actors, the CEO's of the corporations you buy products from all day long... They are the ones doing this. Not just some dark colored guy in the jungle.

It’s the people you trust and obey.

May the world truly wake up. May evil truly be exposed. May justice come to these monsters, in the name of the Most High Creator of all life. May truth shine in our world. May the people wake up from their slumber. May the children indeed be liberated all around the world.

And may the REAL truth speakers rise up in our world, in Jesus’ name.

Now see the truth.

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