The Systematic Takedown Of The World To Win The Battle Before Invasion • Fire Sale, Everything Must Go!

Dylan Eleven |

• The battle is won before you invade.  Sun Tzu
• Fire sale; everything must go. A systematic takedown of a nations infrastructure.

Two strategies that are clearly in play.

We watch in slow motion, as the big picture plan is played out.

We have watched this progression, the totalitarian tiptoe as David Icke calls it, for decades and have reported and written about for 17 years.

We know what they are doing next as they announce it before to gain an illusion of consent for their actions.

To invade a country you first destroy the country, then invade.  That is the premise of some of sun tzu’s battle strategies.

What we see today in our own countries is countless examples of the destabilization of our nations which will make any invasion by any armed forces or even our own, much easier, as per Sun Tzu’s theory.

Our countries are being weakened, in preparation for invasion:

• The vaccine genocide of its citizens,
• The removal of honest, smart, police, military, medical professionals from service by forcing them out due to vaccine mandates.
• Supply chain shortages
• Covid Lockdowns causing financial collapse
• Crashing stock markets
• Price of everything is up to reduce our resources
• Food processing facilities burning down.
• Oil being cut off
• War instilling fear and funnelling billions to the cabal
• Baby food shortages to promote Gates graphene oxide baby formula.
• Banning of any real food and supplements in favour of synthetic food which will further weaken and depopulate nations.
• This list could go on for days...


Prepare for everything!

Prepare for local chaos, further destabilizing events, fake alien invasions, real invasions from foreign or domestic enemies, food shortages, more Lockdowns, more lies and fear campaigns.

Prepare by organizing yourself, your family, your neighbours and your community to be prepared for anything.

The list of their attacks to destabilize our strength is continuing to get longer every day.

A sudden reversal of their genocidal plot is unlikely.

Therefore our own actions to defend and prepare for anything is of upmost importance.

The reality is we don’t need government. And the irony is by us preparing for working without them or defend against their attacks, we are forced to become self reliant.  Which will only prove further the lack of need for government.