The Term • Conspiracy Theorist

The Term • Conspiracy Theorist

Dylan Eleven •

The term conspiracy theorist was originally re-branded by the CIA from being a part of a process into an all encompassing term.  A term that describes a person who has a theory of a conspiracy; but makes it seem that they cannot and will not ever be able to prove it.

Quite the feat of psychological warfare.

The psyop was very successful in creating a knee jerk manufactured response given by the sheep to anyone questioning the official narrative of the JFK assassination and every event since.

The definition of the word conspiracy:

con•spir•a•cy | ken'spiresè | noun (plural
a secret plan by a group to do something
unlawful or harmful: she served five years in
prison for taking part in a conspiracy to sell
stolen art works.
• the action of plotting or conspiring: they
were cleared of conspiracy to pervert the
course of justice.

a conspiracy of silence
an agreement to say nothing about an issue
that should be generally known: the
ministers took part in a conspiracy of silence
over the decision to close the steelworks.

The process:

  • Before the event
  • The event
  • An analysis of the event and all information before and after the event.
  • If the event narrative does not ring true, and people, actions and events suggest there may have been a prior arrangement to commit all steps in the event, past present and future. The theory is now establish there may be a conspiracy in place.
  • Then you investigate to find evidence of the conspiracy.

See we have moved on already from the theory part, it is only a part of the process.

  • Once evidence is found, the conspiracy has been proven. It is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy fact.

This next step is what the imagery psyop around the term conspiracy theorist suggests that we don't take. But we do.

Many think because they can brand us with the brush of conspiracy theorist that they don't have to acknowledge any proof we provide.  An act of ignorance.

This is what the so called fact checkers have to say about my work on

Truth11 is a conspiracy and pseudoscience website that covers many unproven conspiracies, such as Covid vaccines being used to depopulate the world via a “global project to inject humanity with gene-altering death-dealing technology.” There is no evidence that Covid vaccines are designed to depopulate.  Other examples are that radiation from 5G technology, not Covid, is killing people. None of these claims are backed by science. - MediaBiasFactCheck

Reality and proven truth backs up our reporting.  Fact checking using a false narrative is simply labelling the truth a lie.  Quite pathetic.

I am a journalist that focuses on the truth.  The theory of a conspiracy is just a step in the process of finding out the truth. The majority of information reported on is way past the theory stage.  Yet the sheeple assume its is all theory and no fact.  They choose to remain ignorant of the truth to stay in their bubble, and use a psyop term coined in the 70's as their justification.  

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