The Truth Is Clear For all To See And It Has Set Us Free

The Truth Is Clear For all To See And It Has Set Us Free

Dylan Eleven |

I say “has” set us free, because we are now completely free.  Although the bastards will grasp and scratch on their way down, they are done and we are free because we know the truth.

This is not just a statement.

We really need to look at where we are, what we know and understand the big picture.

Evil is destroyed by Truth. Truth is light and evil is darkness. Evil cannot stand the exposure by the light (John 1:5)

The enemies  of humanity have all shown what side they are really on.  The significance of this  should not be underestimated.

The Covid lie and vaccine Genocide has outed all evil and exposed them.

By knowing the truth you are already free.

For example; A doctor tells you to get the vaccine.   Before, there may have been some debate, you could go back and forth debating his propaganda against your research.  But today, after the known deaths and destruction the vaccine has caused, now the response to the doctor would be more like:

“You genocidal fucking maniac, the vaccine is killing millions and by you telling me to get it I take that as act of attempted murder and I will provide you with the appropriate response.”

The doctor is done.  He is openly calling for your death and can be sued and charged.

Do you see where we are at?.

After being locked down for a lie, how eager do you think people will be to lock down for the environment.

One chart destroys climate change:

Climate conversation over.

All their lies are exposed.  They are done.

We do not believe their lies and they can’t make us do anything. We are free.

I have said this since early 2020. Anyone promoting covid is a liar. Anyone promoting the vaccine is guilty of genocide.

All of them have openly declared their allegiance to a lie and a genocidal plot.

They will never be trusted again.  We are free.

With millions dead and injured.  They still promote the vaccine.   They have clearly without doubt shown they are trying to kill the majority of people.  And the fact they still have this stance further confirms their guilt.

Why do they still confirm this openly.?  If they really wanted to get away with Genocide they could back off by now and admit they were wrong.

They are not because they want civil war.  They want us to hang the covid vaccine pusher politicians and talking head experts from the rafters.  Because in the chaos they can justify further police state measures.

They want to bring in the UN to help out.  They want the blue helmets on our streets.

The way out is to not give them what they want.   Not to give civil war, to justify the arrival of the blue helmets.

They want violence , instead we all say no.  All of us, police, military, left, right whatever.  We the 99% are fighting against the 1% only.   We will not fight each other.

They have lost all power. We know the truth.  Anyone comes at you with vaccine this and face mask that, knowing the truth you can defend yourself against them.

They have nothing to back up their lies.  You know the truth. Say no to their genocide.  Say no to civil war.  Focus on the real enemy.  They have already announced who they are.  They are the ones still pushing for the vaccine.   And all those who stand in the shadows behind them.

Armed With The Truth, United We Stand. The Truth Will, and Has Set Us Free.