The Union Is Not a Suicide Pact

The Union Is Not a Suicide Pact


J.B. Shurk

Comey: I am the law.  Fauci: I am the science.  Deep State: We are your democracy.  Federal Reserve: We are your freedom.  This kind of authoritarianism does not belong in America.  When tyrants pervert the law, distort scientific inquiry, abuse their power, and pilfer middle-class savings, they are American in name only.

Now that Mr. Durham has gotten around to confirming what most of us have known for nearly seven years — namely, that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Brennan, Jim Comey, James Clapper, and the State-aligned press corps doing the Intelligence Community's bidding all conspired to push the fraudulent Russian collusion narrative in an attempt to take down a duly elected president — there are quite a few people calling for the FBI to be either reformed or disbanded.  Surprisingly, some of these people now calling for the FBI's demolition are even elected officials.

My response is simple: that should be just the beginning.  The federal government is rotten to its core.  By the terms of the U.S. Constitution, it has accumulated powers and authorities far beyond anything enumerated and vested to it.  It funds a massive administrative state that should not exist.  It not only ignores the Bill of Rights, but actively works to undermine those rights.

In my estimation, any government official who engages in public censorship, religious discrimination, gun confiscation, or warrantless searches of private records, in violation of Americans' First, Second, and Fourth Amendment rights, has explicitly betrayed any constitutional oath taken before entering office.  Anybody in any office attempting to implement some form of a "disinformation" board to monitor and modify Americans' speech should never hold office again.  That so many elected and unelected federal employees not only disregard Americans' constitutional rights, but also vocally brag about infringing them demonstrates that a malignant cancer afflicts the central government from head to toe.

So, yes, disband the FBI, but don't stop there until all the powers stolen by the federal government have been properly returned to the states and the American people.  To save the Republic, the federal government must be starved and diminished.  Anything less is like putting a Band-Aid on a cannonball's exit wound.

Some people look around at the task before us and find the job too great.  Why?  You own your physical labor.  You have power over your mind.  You possess personal agency.  The federal government is insolvent, desperately printing money to survive, and is clinging to a pipe dream that it can successfully impose a future central bank digital currency upon Americans in order to continue this madness for another century.  The D.C. Leviathan is busy punishing international rivals, prosecuting foreign wars, and recklessly threatening allies, as it watches the dollar's reserve currency status go up in smoke.  While hundreds of trillions of dollars in mandatory entitlement spending remain entirely unfunded, blue cities and states across the country push for trillions more in racial reparations, climate "justice," and property redistribution.  It is so obvious that the whole house of cards will soon be crashing down that government tyrants who specialize in buying the public's servitude by spending other people's money have thrown all caution to the wind.  Does it seem like the federal government's future is on sound footing?

Just last week, pretend-president Biden told the graduating class at Howard University that the biggest threat to the country is "white supremacy."  The notion is so absurd that it came off like the kind of weak pandering that third-world dictators rhetorically vomit forth when they are eager to keep their citizens fighting one another and distracted from the government's primary role in their suffering.  Given that Biden has a lifetime of racist behavior under his belt, I half expected Democrat presidents Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Johnson to tap-dance out on stage and say, "America's most notoriously racist presidents approve this message."  Leave it to the real white supremacists from the Democrat party to declare war on "white supremacy" outside the party!  Does that brand of craziness sound like a government confident in its future stability?  Because it sounds to me like the actions of a tin-pot tyrant desperately seeking a scapegoat.

I don't look forward to the chaos ahead, but if the goal is to reclaim our personal freedom from a tyrannical beast that betrays both our natural liberties and the U.S. Constitution daily, I'd rather be living in this decade than during last century's monstrous growth of the administrative state.  At least now we're on the verge of being able to do something about it.  Surely, that's what Dementia Joe really means when he reads his Deep State handlers' script decrying "white supremacy."  They're not fighting "whiteness."  They're fighting rising calls for the federal government to answer for decades of heinous crimes, unconscionable power-grabs, and totalitarian tactics.  Heck, Biden's leading Democrat challenger is openly calling out the CIA for having been involved in President Kennedy's assassination.  What the Deep State fears most today is constitutional supremacy!

I have no doubt that innumerable liberty-loving patriots from the past would relish being alive today.  Think of all the Americans who have been warning about this looming catastrophe since before President Roosevelt's New Deal or even the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment's income taxing authority and the contemptible construction of the Federal Reserve System in 1913.  Concerned Americans have been fighting expanding bureaucracy, runaway government debt, infringement of the individual states' sovereignty, and loss of personal liberty almost from the country's inception.

During that time while sound money once tethered to precious metals was traded for worthless paper currencies and a regulatory nanny-State empowered private bankers to gobble up Americans' personal property, those who complained were shouted down.  While George Orwell warned about governments' subversion of language, Ayn Rand warned that socialism was overtaking America, and numerous survivors of China's Cultural Revolution warned that the infestation of "political correctness" is how soft tyranny takes hold, the Deep State cancer festered without treatment.  Now we stand as witnesses to what happens when so many decades of earnest warnings go ignored.  An unwieldy, unconstitutional, un-American Leviathan gorging itself on the banks of the Potomac cannot sustain itself because it has destroyed free enterprise, declared its citizens "domestic enemies," and deprived Americans of the very freedoms and self-determination wholly responsible for having made the country strong.  For some people, the accumulation of all this damage fosters in them a desire to curl up inside a dark hole.  For others who cherish the opportunity to rectify decades of unconstitutional power hoarding from a corrupt and largely illegitimate federal government, the time for reclaiming lost liberties is here.

From my point of view, never have so many Americans been so consciously aware that things must change.  The federal government's response to the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks has been endless war and the construction of a national security surveillance state that now targets Americans as "domestic enemies."  Its response to mass communication through social media has been the implementation of State-sanctioned censorship.  Its response to widespread calls for border security has been mass sponsorship of illegal immigration.  Its response to Americans' rising demands for personal freedom has been COVID lockdowns, a centrally directed economy, and a declaration of war against "white supremacy."

As Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius pithily observed, "the object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."  More Americans are choosing sanity and refusing to go away.  That's the kind of progress I can get behind.  After all, the Union is not a suicide pact.  Either the federal government should abide by the U.S. Constitution, or it should go away.

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