The US Government Belongs to the Devil

The US Government Belongs to the Devil


The true objectives of the US Government

CJ Evans

In the bowels of the DoD Pentagram are where you find people who carry out plans to sicken the domestic and Western populations with mRNA bioweapon injections, while diluting the power of the holy people, so they can’t fight back. These are the same people who are planning for the force majeure of the nation; yes, based on their actions, they want World War III.

The DoD Pentagram’s upper echelons are full of glee at the thoughts of a mass die off and a Great Reset. The DoD Pentagram is where you will find the senior editors of all the mainstream outlets. These editors are vetted by the Pentagram and are responsible to lying to the people in order to fulfill the objectives of the New World Order. Just like with Stalin and Mao, they believe the ends justify the means.

Indeed, the DoD Pentagon Pentagram does the work of its father, the devil. As one who is well versed in the conspiracy for a one world government and financial dictatorship, I would recommend that you resist any of their commands, since they are not supposed to have any dominion over the domestic people.

The puppets at the top of the Pentagram who are owned by the private synagogue of Satan banking families despise you and me. They can all go to hell.

The next time your pastor invokes Romans 13 regarding our obedience to the wicked United States government, regardless of whatever it decides to do, tell your 501(c)3 preacher to shove it up his (her, they, them) ass.
I wonder where the supposed “hate” groups get all their money and support. I wonder who keeps the KKK and domestic terror groups in business…

Taking a stand against the disgusting DoD Pentagon Pentagram and the NWO USG is fighting for life and resisting the devil. Their owners financially and spiritually impoverish their own people and ruin their lives. They make us weak and sick. They revel in our misery.

If someone asked me what would I do if I were in command of the United States military, the first task would be to demolish the pentagram building as it represents baphomet. The next thing I would do would be to abolish any requirement for vaccines. I would also order prayer to the God of the Bible.

You think this is foolish, but if that ever happened the United States would be unbeatable and our enemies would limp away into the darkness. Russia, China and the rest of the Japheths would shit bricks.

But that’s not what our leaders want. They want a weakened country with a helpless and docile population; a country destroyed from within that will fall like a ripe fruit. Our leaders hate what this nation represented and do the work of their father the devil… And they know what I’m saying is correct.

This is why I am telling you to get your plan into action. There will be nobody looking out for you and this coming force majeure will be brutal for the vast vast majority of the population. Your government will be coming down on you like a ton of bricks if you are an independent thinker. The dod pentagram will be ruthless and relentless in subduing people like you and me after the force majeure. They are going to blame us for the problems they caused and will convince most of the people that you and I are the enemies. Bible-reading, independent-minded, firearm-owning, and financially self-sovereign people are already in the crosshairs, which is a clue regarding the shape of things to come.

The time is now!

What better way to subdue a domestic population than by carrying out terror attacks and staged mass shootings against its own people?

No Plane On 9/11 / Missile Hit Pentagon 1

No Plane On 9/11 / Missile Hit Pentagon 2


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