The War On America’s Food Supply Rages On

The War On America’s Food Supply Rages On

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S.D. Wells

(Natural News) Most people reading the news cannot see the forest for the trees. At first glance, headlines might cover inflation, Covid, the “War on Ukraine,” or Chinese “spy” balloons, but fake news does not ever talk about the War on Food, waged by our own government, happening right now. Read independent, truth news and you see the mind-blowing coverage of this, across the nation, where nearly all natural food is being decimated, from seeds, soil, and fertilizer, to transportation and processing plants.

The Ohio train wreck and planned chemical burn is nothing less than a miniature version of Fukushima nuclear disaster on American soil. This living nightmare will pollute the entire state and possibly surrounding states for decades to come, decimating farms, wildlife, and human life. It’s just another massive, destructive event in a long line of PLANNED destruction by the administrations and corporations that run the food supply chain from A to Z.

The communist plot to destroy America begins and ends with toxic food and toxic “medicine”

For the majority of Americans, their candle is burning at both ends. They eat toxic food and then they take toxic medications, including vaccinations (the definition of vaccination does say it is “medicine”). Most American food is already processed, genetically modified, contains lots of added sugars and toxic seed oils. Prescription medications have worse side effects than the conditions being treated. This is all a prescription for health destruction, and now the food supply is being crippled on all fronts.

Fertilizer trains are derailing. Fires and explosions are breaking out at food processing plants across the USA. Trains with toxic chemicals are crashing, and then the “powers that be” are running controlled burns to decimate the entire region with deadly toxins.

Chicken farmers are being sold chicken feed that makes the hens sterile. Eggs are being burned up to drive prices higher. Animals are being slaughtered and it’s all being blamed on bird flu (a big cover story for a small problem).

Not only was the whole Ohio train wreck chemical burn atrocity totally avoidable, but there was a movie made about it BEFORE it happened, called White Noise, that aired on Netflix, where residents of Little East Palestine were staged actors pretending to try to evacuate the area after a train wrecks with chemicals burning up and contaminating the whole area. You simply can’t make this stuff up. Here’s the trailer to the movie about the Ohio train wreck chemical burn that’s happening right now, except this movie was made before it happened. Go figure:

Plus, to make matters seem even more “illuminati,” Little East Palestine just so happened to be the epicenter of a PILOT PROGRAM to respond to an emergency situation where the people of a town all have “difficulty breathing” and where the government gave out digital biometrics IDs to residents to track this life-threatening “phenomenon” that was about to happen just ONE week later. Coincidence? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and in this case, fire that contains the world’s most deadly poisons that were used against humans in World War I.

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