The Zionist Political + Media In the West, Are Active And Willing Participants In Genocide

The Zionist Political + Media In the West, Are Active And Willing Participants In Genocide

Does Western Civilization Any Longer Exist?

Paul Craig Roberts |

Western Civilization has long been under attack by its own intellectuals and professors. Is there anything left of it?

I defend Western Civilization, but Is there any civilization left to defend when the leaders of Western governments endorse Genocide not only of the Palestinians but of their own white ethnicities and brand criticism of Palestinian Genocide as anti-semitism and criticism of white replacement as a hate crime? Even Donald Trump, whose own right to speak is being throttled, wants to deport those who protest Israel’s Palestinian Genocide. The question increasingly before me is: Is there anything left of the West to defend? How can we make America Great Again when there is nothing left with which to work? Even the leader who wants to make us great again opposes free speech. How can he possibly take the oath of office to defend the Constitution?

“When I’m president, we will not allow our colleges to be taken over by violent radicals, and if you come here from a violent country and try to bring jihadism, or anti-Americanism, or antisemitism to our campuses, we will immediately deport you. You’ll be out of that school.” — Donald Trump

Trump’s supporters cheered. Not even those who are for us understand that without free speech there is no accountability.

I defend Christianity. Yet, Christian evangelicals and Christian Zionists support genocide.

Western morality has been inverted. We now live in moral inversion. How can the indefensible be defended?

Former British ambassador Craig Murray concludes that all that remains of the West is an Israeli colony: “The only possible conclusion is that the Zionist political and media classes in the West, including Biden, Blinken, Trudeau, Macron, Sunak, Starmer, Scholtz, von der Leyen and all, are active and willing participants in a programme of genocide.” The West is on its moral high horse about a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine, but fully supports Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

Politicians such as Senator Marco Rubio have redefined protests against genocide to be “anti-semitic pro-Hamas, pro-terrorist protests.” Why do our elected representatives shame us in this way?

How is it that we can defend Israel but not our own whiteness? Why does Israel have a right to exist, but not white ethnic nations?

Vladek Filler, a legal immigrant from Kiev, Soviet Union, and a successful US citizen, wonders why feminists side with immigrant rape gangs against raped European women.

What is left when feminists refuse to defend women?


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