There is No Political Party That Is Anti-System + Deep State

There is No Political Party That Is Anti-System + Deep State

Dylan Eleven •

I have only voted once, it was when I was 18 and I immediately regretted it. I voted for the first time because I was of age and I was being pressured into doing so by my family. But as soon as I voted, I realized, I don't want anyone in control of my life, why am I giving this one person rule over me? I don't know them enough to trust them. What is this flawed concept of a few people controlling everyone? I have never voted again, and never regretted it.

There is an old saying, that a politician is like an acrobat. They can balance saying one thing while doing the complete opposite.

The very concept of politics and democracy is flawed.

Not one politician who has been allowed to gain power has ever proven me wrong, except John F Kennedy, and that is why they killed him. He was actually against them.

Usually only the pure corrupt are allowed to get the prime minister or president title. Therefore they are all not to be trusted. Trump brought in the killer vaccine: yes he cannot be trusted either.

There are candidates that are not true politicians, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who has been largely on the side of the people but now he even seems to have been corrupted, by supporting genocide in Gaza. I don't care who you are, no one deserves genocide of a people, anyone supporting any sort of genocide is not on the side of humanity.

In England Andrew Brigden seems like he is a person who is on our side, but they will never let him in because of it. He should be supported in his efforts to get the truth out there.

A true leader of the people would destroy the whole concept of politics and the deep state.

I used to think that the masses could control themselves by majority rule, not by rule of the few, as surely the masses would choose what is best for everyone. But after the covid scam, seeing how easily the masses went insane and threw logic and reason out the window. The masses rule over the masses is obviously not the way to go either.

Pure anarchy, where no one rules over anyone else, with natural law providing order is the only way to go.

Anarchy, or anti-monarchy is not chaos. Anarchy is simply not having anyone rule over you. But there is order by way of natural law. You don't fuck with me, my family or my stuff, and I wont fuck with you and yours.

There is pure simplicity in self rule within natural law. All tyranny ends, all wars end, all faked pandemics end, all genocidal vaccine campaigns end. Humanity is freed from control by the genocidal few and the gullible sheep masses.

We can all live this reality now. Follow natural law, focus on self sufficiency and self defence. Ignore illegal laws and mandates, do not provide consent to any tyrant.

Always remember with the upcoming military draft and new fake pandemics that mandatory still requires your consent, never give it.

I am being urged by some to tell people to vote for Nigel Farage and Reform. Those doing so don’t understand where I am coming from and how the political system itself is a fundamental part of human control. I can say from my long research how catastrophic a Starmer government will be because he’s completely Cult-owned with a vacuum between his ears. But it’s not for me to promote a candidate in the way that right wing politics (masquerading as ‘alternative’) promotes Trump.

Neil Hague

The fact is that there is NO political party that is anti-system and Deep State. It is only a matter of degree. Starmer is an extreme example, but while Farage says some sensible things about illegal immigration, Net Zero, and Ukraine he bought the ‘Covid’ hoax – as did Reform under Tice – and even called for Tony Blair to oversee the fake vaccine rollout that has killed and maimed so many worldwide.

It is not the role of any true alternative thinking to promote a politician. It is to call out The System which uses politicians as pawns in a game that almost all of them don’t understand. They are either babes in arms or assets of the real power structure.

The Dutch voted for ‘alternative hero’ Geert Wilders who has overseen the installation of an unelected head of Dutch intelligence as Prime Minister.

Politics is an illusion of ‘choice’ to trick the population into giving its power away to an individual for four or five years when if the people expressed their own power in non-cooperation with tyranny the political system and its Deep State Cult masters would have to respond to that. Instead, after this UK election, one man (his hidden masters) will be given power to dictate the lives of 68 million people. In America, the next President and a handful of decision makers on Capitol Hill (their hidden masters) will have the power to dictate the lives of 342 million (that we know of). This is insane and they call it ‘democracy’ as if freedom and ‘democracy’ were interchangeable. They are not.

Trump supporters got their man in 2016. What happened? Biden (his handlers) replaced him. Conservatives in the UK are replaced by Labour who are replaced by Conservatives or even Reform who are replaced by another ‘party’ as the musical chairs goes on and on.

The very fact that most people will vote on July 4th for the perceived least bad, rather than the best, option tells you everything about political ‘choice’. And all the time the Cult agenda continues to unfold – faster with some, a little slower with others – but on and on it goes as it has decade after decade no matter who is in illusory political ‘power’.
So no – I won’t be urging people to vote for anybody. That’s their decision, not mine. What I urge is for people to see that the political system is a trap designed to hijack their collective power and hand it to the next glove puppet – whether they want to be or not.

Look at what happened when Conservative Party members chose Liz Truss as Prime Minister instead of Cult choice Sunak. It’s a game orchestrated from the shadows and we need to stop playing it.

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