There Were No Planes That Hit The Towers Or The Pentagon On 9/11

There Were No Planes That Hit The Towers Or The Pentagon On 9/11

Dylan Eleven |

It is the anniversary of 9/11.  The day I decided to leave my profession as a stock broker and become an independent journalist.   A day of awakening for many.  Proof positive of a government attack on its own citizens, a day of no turning back.

There are many explanations of what happened, many people have reviewed the event and have provided massive amounts of proof of a controlled demolition, a co-ordinated inside job, followed by a false narrative media campaign.

One aspect that many 9/11 truthers avoid for some reason is the fact that no planes hit the towers at all.  Bad CGI shows the plane going through a building steeple and the impact is not believable either.    Eye witnesses who stated they saw a plane were paid crisis actors.

Below is uncut footage showing the tower simply exploding where a plane was supposed to hit.  Also the missing security cam footage at the pentagon showing a missile hitting the building not a plane.

9/11 truth is still very important today, because it shows us that our government is not on our side.  This truth has awakened millions of people and continues to do so.

The importance of the fact that no planes were used on 9/11 is it instantly exposes anyone who states they were, such as the official government story, as the liars that they are.