They are claiming those who died from toxins administered through jabs, died from flu/Covid

US/Western Dark Forces Still Pushing Flu/Covid Fake News

Stephen Lendman

Like other MSM, the NYT relentlessly continues to proliferate fake news about a nonexistent pandemic — except among the jabbed.

Like earlier, it’s promoting kill shots designed to destroy health over the other way around.

The vast majority of Americans claimed by the Times to have died from flu/covid perished from toxins administered through jabs.

Saying countless hundreds of Americans are dying daily from flu/covid is one of its many bald-faced Big Lies.

What it called “fear and confusion” is generated by anti-public health officials and MSM co-conspirators.

It’s from mind-manipulating maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm.

Knowing that masks don’t protect and risk respiratory harm, the Times reported that a NYC health advisory strongly calls for masking in offices, stores and other public places.

Short of mandating it, going this far again is highly likely ahead of or during the upcoming fall and winter season — and not just in NYC.

The health-destroying policy is highly likely to be mandated in so-called blue states and cities nationwide ahead.

According to fake news by New York’s so-called health commissioner:

Everyone “should wear a mask at all times when indoors and in a public setting, including at groceries, building lobbies, offices, stores, and other common or shared spaces where individuals may interact such as restrooms, hallways, elevators, and meeting rooms (sic).”

Everyone wanting their health protected and preserved should shun kill shots and the above rubbish that’s all about harming health, not protecting it.

Instead of setting the record straight, the Biden regime bribed the Times and other MSM with big bucks to lie and mass deceive Americans about kill shots, masks and all else flu/covid related.

On Tuesday, the Times pushed toxic boosters for children aged-5 – 11.

Ignored was that jabbing them once — let alone thrice — is a crime against humanity.

The same reality applies to jabbing everyone — young children most of all because the chance of them being harmed or perishing from flu/covid is virtually nil.

And this Times fake news about a nonexistent (SARS-CoV-2) coronavirus, an invented one to promote kill shots:

“How often can you be infected with” what doesn’t exist, the Times anti-public health proliferator of flu/covid fake news, Apoorva Mandavilli, asked?

Ignoring that all more scariant than variants are virtually alike, she defied science by falsely claiming:

They’re “adept at dodging the body’s defenses (sic)” to reinfect people — with natural immunity from prior infection and recovery, she failed to explain.

Instead, she falsely claimed that (naturally immune) individuals may be reinfected multiple times — despite no evidence suggesting it, just the opposite she ignored.

Her fake news is part of the campaign by the Times to keep pushing kill shots — and forever boosters once or twice annually with mass-extermination of unwanted people and enriching Pharma profiteers more than already in mind.

As a previous article explained, millions of Americans awakened to the reality about harm from kill shots.

Notably they’re shunning boosters.

An unparalleled mind-manipulating campaign is largely falling on deaf ears because growing numbers of Americans are beginning to understand that they’ve been scammed.

What’s good news for millions of US households aware than kill shot harm is bad news for Biden regime genocidists, their MSM press agents and Pharma profiteers.

Last week, former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy and infectious diseases, Dr. Michael Yeadon, once again spoke out against kill shots.

Mincing no words, he stressed the following:

Ignoring public safety over prioritizing it, officials involved in “push(ing) (experimental, inadequately tested, rushed to market) gene-based agents to be injected needlessly into billions of innocent people are guilty of crimes against humanity,” adding:

“I would have outright denied their use in children, in pregnancy, and in the infected/recovered.”

“I’d need years of safe use before contemplating an alteration of this stance.”

“Having selected spike protein to be expressed, a protein which causes blood clotting to be initiated, a risk of thromboembolic adverse events was burned into the design.”

“Nothing at all limits the amount of spike protein to be made in response to a given dose.”

“Some individuals make a little and only briefly.”

“The other end of a normal range results in synthesis of copious amounts of spike protein for a prolonged period.”

“The locations in which this pathological event occurred, as well as where on the spectrum, in my view played a pivotal role in whether the victim experienced adverse events including death.”

“There are many other pathologies flowing from the design of these agents, including for the mRNA (jabs) that lipid nanoparticle formulations leave the injection site and home to liver and ovaries, among other organs, but this evidence is enough to get started.”

Yeadon added more but what he explained above and earlier is damning.

In contrast to his truth-telling, fake news by the Times and other MSM falsely reported that outbreaks of flu/covid rose sharply this month.

What’s rising are illnesses from toxins in kill shots — why shunning them is crucial to protect and preserve health.

Taking them greatly increases the likelihood of becoming seriously ill from any one or a combination of diseases.

On Tuesday, Health Impact News reported the following:

Kill shots “are causing the deaths of prenatal and neonatal babies worldwide to skyrocket, giving strong evidence that this is part of the efforts to reduce the world’s population.”

Knowledge of the toll hasn’t deterred the Pharma-controlled FDA, CDC and other US anti-public health agencies from pushing kill shots for nearly everyone, including infants and pregnant women.

Their diabolical aim is all about destroying public health, not protecting it as falsely claimed.

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