They Are Still Pushing The Killer Vaccine • VaxUpAmerica Tour

They Are Still Pushing The Killer Vaccine • VaxUpAmerica Tour

The Biden Regime Wants You Dead

Stephen Lendman

Flu/covid mass-jabbing is all about destroying health, not protecting and preserving it as falsely claimed by the fabricated official narrative.

Not satisfied with countless millions of mass-casualties from toxic kill shots so far, the illegitimate Biden regime announced a so-called VaxUpAmerica Tour to eliminate greater numbers than already — including maximum numbers of the nation’s elderly.

Consider the diabolical benefits.

Mass-elimination of elderly Americans will free up billions of dollars from lower Social Security and Medicare payouts — using the windfall for greater corporate handouts and war-making on invented enemies.

Around 60 million poor Americans receive about $1.5 trillion in welfare benefits.

Greatly reducing their numbers will free up billions more dollars — why this segment of society is targeted.

So are infants and young children to prevent them from becoming adults and having their own children.

Women of child-bearing age are another prime target.

Virtually everyone besides the privileged few is vulnerable to the scourge of toxic mass-jabbing — the above segments of society more than others.

According to the White House with the worst of diabolical aims in mind:

The Pharma-controlled HHS “is launching a VaxUpAmerica Family Vaccine Tour (sic).”

The health-destroying scheme is “a new push to encourage families to” self-inflict harm more than already from kill shots designed for this purpose.

“HHS will work with national and community-based organizations and others to reach (maximum numbers of) families.”

Begun on Wednesday, HHS is conducting its propaganda blitzkrieg to produce greater mass-extermination of unwanted Americans than already.

“The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is doubling down on its efforts to reach older Americans” — killing them off its intention.

Corporate America is involved along with MSM co-conspirators.

In response to the latest White House campaign to destroy public health more than already, Children’s Health Defense founder, Robert F. Kennedy, said the following:

“It’s troubling (that the fake Biden and regime he nominally heads) is so captive of a false and discredited narrative that he continues to aggressively promote a high-risk, zero-liability, experimental medical intervention with a product that doesn’t work as advertised and is causing horrendous health problems in Americans.”

“It’s even more dismaying that he(’s) recruit(ing) America’s corporations (to support) a racketeering enterprise.”

And this from UK-based scholar/physician, Dr. Vernon Coleman:

Calling flu/covid jabs “a fraud and a scandal,” he added:

“There is no evidence proving that mass(-jabbing is) safe or effective.”

“But there is plenty of evidence proving that (it’s) ineffective and dangerous.”

Covid is “flu rebranded.”

MSM throughout the US/West ad elsewhere were bribed with big bucks “to suppress the truth and hide the facts.”

Everyone jabbed one or more times risks contraction of one or more serious diseases.

The vast majority of deaths and adverse events attributed to flu/covid is from kill shots, not the viral illness.

In 2020 before mass-jabbing began, Coleman “warned that those who allowed themselves to be given one of the experimental injections would be immunologically compromised and vulnerable to a wide range of infections.”

“While government scientists and media doctors on television were accusing the un-jabbed of endangering those around them, (he) warned that it would be the other way around.”

“The jabbed would endanger the un-jabbed.”

“That turned out to be true, too.”

We’re still “in the early stages of the world’s largest, most unethical and most unjustifiable experiment.”

Yet indisputable facts proved that the mother of all state-sponsored scams is already “a medical disaster.”

Looking ahead, a greater “epidemic of serious illnesses” and deaths from kill shots than already is virtually certain.

It’s because their toxins “mortally damage” the human immune system.

What began “as a hoax…became a fraud and (is) now (an unparalleled) scandal,” Coleman stressed.

The diabolical state-sponsored scheme is all about eliminating maximum numbers of unwanted people throughout the US/West and worldwide.

And truth-telling activists like Coleman, RFK, Jr. and many others are vilified instead of praised.

Will criminalizing what exposes and debunks the fabricated official narrative be another shoe to drop ahead?

A Final Comment

Noted UK-based cardiologist, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, called for an immediate halt to mass-jabbing — because of significantly vast and irrefutable harm they’ve caused.

Continuing to administer them will be a “global scandal” of epic proportions, he stressed, adding:

It’s “very hard to believe” that Pharma and public health authorities didn’t know about the hazards of mass-jabbing before the scheme was rolled out.

Of course they knew because toxic jabs are all about eliminating maximum numbers of unwanted people worldwide.

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