Civil War Is What They Want; Therefore We Should Not Give It To Them | They Don't Want Us Focused On The Real Enemy

Civil War Is What They Want; Therefore We Should Not Give It To Them | They Don't Want Us Focused On The Real Enemy

Dylan Eleven •

They create the problems in order for the masses to revolt. High taxes, rampant inflation due to corporate greed, low incomes worse than the dark ages, fentanyl tainted drugs, invaders in our streets, massive crime, obvious mass slaughter vaccine campaigns, faked pandemics that anyone with any intelligence can see are fake, ridiculous illogical rules to poke fun at us, endless wars of blatant illegal aggression; They create mass misery as they want us to revolt. They want chaos in the streets so the masses will beg for hard handed in your face fascist martial law. All part of their incrementalism style plan that we witness in slow motion.

They are prepared for civil unrest because they know eventually people will figure out the truth or are poked enough by the endless provocations designed and forced onto the populous with intent to piss us off.

What they don't want for us to unite and simply remove them from power.

They don't want police and the armed forces turning on them and joining humanity to simply get rid of the few who are causing the majority of pain and suffering on earth.

They want civil war. Chaos in the streets. That is why invaders are allowed to enter our countries, join our police forces and military. They are putting out the chess pieces on both sides and are waiting for us to finally start the game. But to them it is a game, and they want us to play it, as it will hasten our demise. This is why we should not play and actually solve the issue.

Civil war is what they want; therefore we should not give it to them. We should not give them what they want.

We all need to unite as humans against the satanic cabal. Humans united, not pitted against each-other in a destructive frenzy. Focused on our true enemy.

No wars, no violence, mass non compliance, by the people, the police and army also, and a simple arrest of the violators against humanity.

Police, the evidence of mass genocide by covid vaccine is clearly known. Any attempt to hide what they have done is futile.

Police officers and armed forces must know they have also been targeted for destruction by the evil few with the covid killer vaccines.

Putting their heads in the sand will not save the world, and neither will choosing the side of the insane few parasitical so called leaders of our world who have picked a fight with 8 billion people having attempted and performed genocide against the majority of the human race.

Time to side with the people. No more business as usual. War ends, genocide ends, the covid cabal gets arrested. Simple.

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Highly Redacted Canadian RCMP Report | “Law enforcement should expect continuing social and political polarization fueled by misinformation [AKA the truth] campaigns and an increasing [justified] mistrust for all democratic institutions,” | Dan Dicks Tristin Hopper Right from the get-go, the report authors warn that whatever Canada’s current situation, it ‘will probably deteriorate further in the next five years’ A secret RCMP report is warning the federal government that Canada may descend into civil unrest once citizens