They Knew From The Trial Data But Hid It | How Pfizer’s Original mRNA Trial Hid a 66% Increase in Cardiovascular Death Rate Amongst the Vaccinated

They Knew From The Trial Data But Hid It | How Pfizer’s Original mRNA Trial Hid a 66% Increase in Cardiovascular Death Rate Amongst the Vaccinated

It is linked to below, but it’s worth following Dr. David White as he walks us through some data on the original Pfizer trials. What was interesting to us is how they mask what is a cardiovascular problem in sum as a gallbladder issue in origins. Pretty complicated stuff if you don’t dig down into the data with expert knowledge.

A reminder that with small numbers of trial participants, hiding a handful of additional deaths among the vaccinated (resulting in a 33% difference, let’s say) can result in very large numbers of dead people when the vaccinated population reaches into in the millions. Here the difference is 66%, which is a 2/3 difference when trial results are generalized out into the population. It’s an enormous number of dead people. And Pfizer knew.

Here’s Aussie17’s own transcribed version of the tweet by Dr. White —


It’s important for people to understand how Pfizer manipulated the categorization of deaths in their original trial, which led to politicians using the “safe and effective” narrative. Everyone should carefully watch this, as it not only raises concerns about Pfizer or Moderna’s mRNA vaccines, but also highlights the broader corruption of medical information that prioritizes profit over safety.

Dr. David White, a retired general practitioner from the UK, masterfully breaks down the concerning aspects of the Pfizer BNT162b2 trial. He walks us through the intricate details, and demonstrates how Pfizer may have “adjusted” the categorization of participant deaths to make it appear as though there were fewer cardiovascular deaths in the vaccine group than there actually were.

To recap, a total of 29 deaths from all causes were reported in the trial within six months, as published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The original trial showed that deaths were about 7% higher in the vaccine group, with 15 deaths, compared to 14 deaths in the placebo group. However, many “fact-checkers” and pharma shills “scientists” claim that this difference is not statistically significant.

This is intriguing because, according to a Lancet paper, there were 44,000 more deaths in England in 2022, driven by a sharp increase in cardiovascular deaths among the middle-aged, which rose by 33%. He wonders if cardiovascular deaths in the trial’s vaccine group were also 33% higher. This question is important because it seeks to determine if the higher death rate in the vaccinated group is related to the rise in cardiovascular deaths seen in the general population.

He walks us through four mysterious “causes of deaths” categorized in the paper:

  • An “Unevaluable Event” on a vaccinated death, which was found to be a sudden cardiac death confirmed via autopsy.
    • A “Missing” entry categorized as a “placebo” death, which was later found to be a “vaccinated” death.
    • “Emphysematous Cholecystitis,” which is a cardiovascular death but Pfizer said let’s put something that sounds really complicated and hope nobody knows it’s a cardiovascular death.
    • “Death” for participant #10841470. First of all categorizing a “cause of death” as “Death”, are you kidding? Anyway this participant died after taking a Moderna mRNA vaccine, but was categorized as a placebo death. I wrote about this issue here:

Dr. White highlights that these figures, particularly the increased all-cause mortality in the vaccine group, clearly point to safety signals. He stresses that informed consent is a fundamental ethical principle in medicine, necessitating the open discussion of such safety concerns. It is crucial to ensure that participants are fully informed about the potential risks associated with the vaccine to maintain trust and transparency within the medical community.


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