They Plan to Starve Us Into Submission


Mike Adams -

Destroying the food supply is the PLAN: Australia trashes fresh avocados while infant formula shipped to US border as America's own babies go hungry

Thousands of pounds of fresh avocados dumped in landfill as Australia accelerates global food destruction

A dumping site in Australia just received a truckload of perfectly good avocados, which were trashed there amid skyrocketing inflation and alleged food shortages.

According to Jan De Lai, a local resident of Atherton, located in far north Queensland, the discarded mountain of fruit included "tons and tons and tons of avocados going to waste."

If the farmers' claims are true, then it seems as though there is actually a glut of certain food items, not shortages like the government and media continue to claim. So what, exactly, is going on here?

--This in the context of Australians being barred from growing food.


Illegal immigrants get 'pallets' of baby formula amid shortage
Congresswoman: Another example of Biden's 'America last agenda'

Food shortages are a growing concern globally and have been exacerbated by a string of fires, plane crashes and explosions at nearly two-dozen food processing facilities across Canada and the US. And beyond North American food processing plants, there have been dozens more food processing facilities destroyed in fires and explosions in the last two years.

Food shortages in Europe

Tesco boss says he's seeing food poverty for the first time in a generation.



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by raising interest rates. Inflation wasn't really a problem but a mere half-point raise in rates has taken the air out of economic tires.

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