They Tried To Bribe Andrew Bridgen To Stop Talking About The Covid Vaccines • Another Act Of The Guilty

They Tried To Bribe Andrew Bridgen To Stop Talking About The Covid Vaccines • Another Act Of The Guilty

Dylan Eleven •

If the covid vaccine genocide crew were actually telling the truth about the safety, need and efficiency of the covid vaccines;

• They would not need to call people who are speaking out against the vaccine genocide, conspiracy theorists.

• They would not need to label the truth about the damage of these vaccines "Misinformation".

• Doctors would not lie to their vaccine injured and killed patients and families about the injury they have suffered.  They would not defer any actual help by gaslighting them, telling them its all in their head.  They would not go on wild goose chases looking for answers in any place except the vaccines.

• They would not need to censor, try to silence or bribe people to stop speaking out about the damage caused.

If they were telling the truth they would simply prove it.  

This would negate all necessity to spend billions of tax payers dollars to create vaccine propaganda marketing machines, misinformation boards and censorship controls.

The truth would simply surface and none of their measures would be necessary.

The very fact they are not letting the truth naturally surface, screams guilt of a liar.

Because covid is a lie, the vaccine is a genocidal weapon and they are hell bent on global genocide, they simply can't let the truth naturally surface.  

They don't have the truth on their side, they have repeatedly been caught exhibiting examples, signs and proof of their guilt.

Their actions in planning the covid lie, the execution of the destruction of our economies by locking down the world, their pre-meditated poison injection, designed to kill and unleash death and destruction in a way to try to hide its toxicity, the attempt to silence any truth tellers, the injury and death toll from these vaccines, and the obvious attempts to cover up their genocide; all proves their guilt.

There is no doubt.

Is there any honest police or military on the planet that will arrest these murderers? If so, do your job now, you're already way too late.  

Arrest the genocidal maniacs still running around causing more deaths and destruction.  If not your inaction enables further genocide.  A genocide that has also affected your institutions.  Because they also injected your ranks with the killer vaccine.  What the hell are you waiting for?  Do we need to join the police force to go and do your job?

Below is another example of their actions proving guilt in genocide. Bribery.

British politician Andrew Bridgen has spoken out publicly about the damage the vaccine is causing. Instead of debating his accusations they tried to bribe him to keep quiet.

Another act of the guilty.

Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke

Andrew Bridgen ‘They tried to buy me…What do you want? You can have anything you want”’

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