Third military aircraft in a week crashes in Southern California – is it the jabs?

Third military aircraft in a week crashes in Southern California – is it the jabs?  /  Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The United States military is having trouble keeping its aircraft in the skies these days, at least in Southern California where some three different planes and helicopters crashed in the desert in the span of just one week.

The latest incident involved a Navy MH-60S Seahawk that was conducting a routine training flight from Naval Air Facility El Centro when it suddenly took a nosedive into the sand. The site of the crash is located about 35 miles north of Yuma, Ariz., as revealed a social media post.

All four of the aircrew aboard the helicopter survived, though one sailor reportedly suffered “non-life threatening injuries” and had to be taken to a nearby hospital. The Seahawk was assigned to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 3, which is based at Naval Air Station North Island, Calif.

A similar incident that occurred just two days prior had an even more tragic outcome. An MV-22B Osprey crashed in the same area, leaving five Marines dead. And just a few days before that, an F/A-18 Super Hornet crashed near Trona, Calif., located about 250 miles from Naval Air Station Lemoore and 400 miles north of El Centro, killing Navy pilot Lt. Richard Bullock.

The same day as that crash, 29-year-old Electronics Technician 2nd Class John Deltoro died in a car accident while returning from training at Camp Billy Machen in Niland, a town located just to the north of El Centro.

According to reports, Deltoro and four other sailors were driving around 10 p.m. when their vehicle suddenly went off the road and smashed into a large boulder. The four other sailors in the car survived but had to be hospitalized. All five passengers were part of a West Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit, the Navy said.

“Although the series of incidents paints a grim picture, it is important to note that, given the information available, nothing seems to connect all of the mishaps,” reported

“The three aircraft crashes involved three different platforms, and the aircraft themselves were based out of three different bases. Meanwhile, the California Highway Patrol has said that it is looking into whether seat belts were used in the deadly car crash, noting in a press release that Deltoro was the middle rear passenger.”

Are Fauci Flu shots responsible for increase in military accidents?

The cause of each of these incidents is still under investigation, we are told. But there is speculation among some that perhaps the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” that were forced on all military servicemen might have played a role.

The shots are known to cause blood clots, which have been linked to other mysterious accidents that have been occurring ever since the injections were first introduced under Operation Warp Speed.

In addition to causing “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” or SADS, Fauci Flu shots degrade the immune and neurological systems, which can cause changes in cognitive function and ability. (Related: Covid injections are also linked to cancer.)

“Ruthless billionaire vaccine corporation and their partners; the merciless communist rulers of America, are maliciously giving cancers and other chronic diseases, and wickedly causing the deaths of the U.S. military and civilians with their evil covid clot death shots,” wrote someone at Natural News.

“The monsters will burn in hell for all eternity.”

“Yes, vaccines are causing all sort of health problems including death. But also: 5G and wireless – i.e., microwave radiation – has been proven over and over to cause cancer. And our military is being flooded with it,” wrote another about other possible connections to the crashes.

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