This Is How Metastatic Immigration Kills a City – Vancouver Canada | The Cartels are allied with Corporate Fascists, Greens, the Hard Left and the CCP

This Is How Metastatic Immigration Kills a City – Vancouver Canada | The Cartels are allied with Corporate Fascists, Greens, the Hard Left and the CCP

We feel it is important to note this before diving into this highly interesting take on a city we know very well. China is not the Rothschild-installed, relatively small outfit called the CCP  (by us in the west, not in China). Neither is Chinese President Xi Jinping by all accounts. China-bashing is a deliberately constructed narrative by those very same people who have for decades controlled our banks, media, pharma and so much else. Draining the Swamp has been an ongoing activity for a while in several (possibly many) countries globally; China, Iran, Russia – all the countries we’ve been taught to hate – are included in that. It is perhaps more apparent that swamp draining has been going on in Russia, but we understand that the western narrative is going to shift in relation to China and Iran, too.

Elizabeth Nickson seems to define immigration in this article a little differently than we would expect. More to do with policies that attract and foster self-destructing populations as well as criminal cartels than immigration in the straightforward sense.

On the subject of the cartels, a friend-of-a-friend works for Vancouver as a municipal worker and says there is an undisclosed location in the city with a massive supply of hard drugs that are being dished out to the addicts (who’ve been dying in record numbers in the last few years). The obvious question is: where does the government get this free (for the addicts) stash from? It’s mindblowing. 

We’ve covered the decline of that beautiful city Vancouver a fair bit. It has been a globalist target for many years and is one of the C40 cities.

Elizabeth Nickson |

One of my mentors was a cousin by marriage who was a biophysicist, prominent too – he was terraforming Mars with NASA when he died. He and his wife Jane were founding professors at York University. Jane had travelled by bus to Idi Amin’s Uganda to research her doctorate from the London School of Economics, proceeded to a law degree, and he ended his career as head of the Royal Society. God gave me my terrifying parents, but he also gave me Bob and Jane and I would fall on them periodically, sleep in his basement study, lined with tribal masks and a collection of the world’s religious texts. He was a thorough-going atheist, but suspected they were hiding biophysicist-y secrets. I pointed out that atheism was a closed system which acted in opposition to the scientific method. We respected each other.


Behind Jane’s chair in the dining room was a bookcase filled with reference materials, and out they came to settle any argument.

Dinner lasted until 11 pm because we talked and talked. One night, someone suggested the legalization of all drugs, to the point where they would available at a corner store at any time. Would that be a good thing? Yes, said Bob, emphatically, it would breed out addiction in humans, because they would all die.

Covid [Flu Renamed]


Greeted with a despairing, “Oh Bob,” from his wife. And me. I suppose I was still utopian, still believed in the inherent good of man, that our entire impulse is to the good. I can be excused because our world then was one of undisturbed peace for 50 years.

Feels like another country, another world. Because the city that Jane’s and my paternal great grandparents founded, Vancouver, arriving when only 1,000 people lived here, is gone. Over 50 years, they and about five hundred other families welcomed hundreds of thousands, built the institutions, the water systems, the hospital, clear cut the neighborhoods, built the bridges, laid the sidewalks. Very little government. The city of Vancouver was built by serious Christians, who believed in, as first principle, service to others. They built the city to take in the dispossessed, to lift up humanity, to spread peace.

Today, this is how women are treated in Vancouver:

random assault in good neighborhood
attacked on her doorstep

It is now a cesspit of crime, drugs, human trafficking, child sex and money laundering.

We launder most of the drug money in North America. The city has been taken over by a consortium of cartels, Asian and Mexican, who own through their funding of a proliferation of social justice activist groups, members of the city council, the judiciary, as well as members of the provincial and federal government, particularly those in immigration who rubber stamp the papers of the worst criminals from across the Asian world. They are all here now. The pickings are just too good. You are next on their list.

The CCP funds the cultural marxists that created the hellscape of the city .

In Canada, our sleepy political class just woke up to the fact that the CCP had infiltrated our government and they are making vain, lazy, attempts to show they are up to the task. They aren’t. First of all, they don’t understand it, they don’t take on board just how much the CCP wants to dominate Canada, and the lengths to which they have bribed everyone they needed to bribe and compromise a long long time ago.

The public is told China is “interfering” and “must be stopped”. But how are they “interfering”? They are interfering by exporting fentanyl and Asian crime gangs, which plan to infiltrate throughout America. How they are “interfering” is by destroying people, families, cities and economies, through wholesale criminal activity.

Because this is happening across Canada.

In the US, all CCP criticism is limited to the populist right. And called crazy. That’s just how profoundly foolish our politicians are. They stumble around luxuriating in a peace that someday will just be ….. gone and they will wake up a wholly owned subsidiary of the CCP.

The CCP funds the social activist organizations who have shifted the criminal justice system, effectively destroying it. The city’s streets are littered with the dying, half dressed, smeared with shit, needles still in their arms. This is allowed because our leadership wants to destroy the middle class. Do you know what losing a teenager to hard drugs does to a family? It destroys that family forever.

A father is killed outside Starbucks in broad daylight in a stranger attack. In one year, one year, stranger assaults – random violent attacks are up 35%, break-ins 68%, robberies 21%, serious assault, 36%, and those are just the reported crimes. 25% of calls to police go unanswered. Everyone sensible carries some kind of weapon, illegal or not, it’s simply too dangerous.

Women are robbed, raped and murdered on once peaceful streets. For decades even in the richest neighborhoods, no one locked their doors. Now houses are fortified because home invasions are common. No one is safe, not walking down the street. Any street. Murder used to be non-existent here, if at all accidents in a bar fight, located in one neighbourhood which is now a sewer. Now people are killed in daylight in front of hundreds of onlookers. Gunfire is common


Forty criminals committed 6,300 crimes last year and they are still on the streets. In a stupendous act of cruelty and hate, the former mayor, Kennedy Stewart (ER: part of the globalist C40 plan) defunded the police budget by $5.7 million. How much contempt do our ‘leaders’ have for us? How stupid the CCP and the cartel heads must think we are, so innocent and fat we let them destroy a once great city.

The police are helpless in the face of it. They can investigate and arrest and the criminal is back on the streets, the same day. The judiciary is corrupted, almost all socialist, almost all compromised. Recruitment is down. No one wants to be a policeman now. It is suicide. Stewart called the police force “racist”, despite 60% being people of color. There is no pro-active policy. Just let them die, let them kill. Bonnie Henry, the province’s health officer stated that if you are an alcoholic, you can have treatment. If you are a drug addict, there is none. Just die. Die faster. Take some rich people with you. (ER: Henry oversaw the entire Covid / vaccine approach. She may now be in trouble. We sincerely hope so.)

First legal injection site

Vancouver pioneered the first legal injection site (ER: this was years ago, and it worked well initially by cleaning up a problematic neighbourhood with junkies shooting up, leaving their mess around as well as themselves in public view; in retrospect, it was probably used as a slippery slope to the excesses of today), and recently we legalized all hard drugs. You can buy cocaine at a vending machine. A new business just received permission to manufacture legal cocaine. This would “erase stigma”, said the activists and the stupid-beyond-belief system agrees. We have the second biggest port on the west coast of North America and through it the Asian cartels, allowed by the CCP, import the compounds from China that make up fentanyl. The Americans have insisted over and over again that the CCP stop. It doesn’t, it only increases. The chemicals to manufacture Fentanyl come into our port, are made up, and sent south to the States. Fentanyl is so addictive that despite the fact that we supply addicts with up to 40 Dilaudid a day, they sell those pills and buy fentanyl.

Thousands die every month, swept up like garbage and burnt to ash.

The Downtown East Side was founded by an American Marxist, Jim Green, who decided to make a place for the dispossessed and addicted, and over almost 40 years of effort did so. The addicted had their own banks, dentists, detox centres, mini-businesses and residences and before too long the neighborhood became a magnet for addicts all over the country, then the U.S., then the world. I visited one, designed by star architect Arthur Erickson which no matter how violent you were, you couldn’t be kicked out. It was a sweet berth for an addict. It grew and grew and grew and the charitable in the city could hardly keep up. At one juncture the Catholic Church had 168 missions on the Downtown East Side. By 2004, the neighborhood was ringed by representatives of every drug cartel in the world. By 2008, Asian cartels had set up business in Vancouver and started methodically to take the city.

the cartels’ victims

Green shifted the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. Starting with curiosity, ending in death. Middle class parents I know lost their children to the DTES. It was a gradual erosion. Now the DTES demands no police walk their streets and their activities have spread through the entire city. I spent a day with Green. He hated us so much, that was what he wanted, hell everywhere. He hated the white middle class so much, he wanted vengeance. Vengeance he has.

Like every city in North America we had been colonized by hard core Marxists like Green, from the UK and US, starting in the 50’s and peaking in the 80’s. They insinuated themselves into the bureaucracy, schools, unions and universities, spreading hate of the host culture with every breath. They waited. And then, the opportunity arose. The War of the Woods.

In the 80’s and 90’s, greens effectively shut down the resource economy of the region. All the money from logging and mining paid for health care and education. That money vanished. The cartels saw opportunity, bought off the right government officials, including those in Immigration, and now, today, we are a massive hub of sex trafficking, child prostitution, organ harvesting, and of course, drug addiction.

This is the model they are going to follow in every city in the U.S. and Canada, all regions which allow their economies to be assaulted and ruined by green activists. Crime, addiction and misery replaces resource use everywhere. Our citizens, lazy, disengaged, drugged to the gills by prosperity, its foundation built by Christian families who believed in service to others, allowed it to happen.

Think I’m wrong?  It is happening to you right now.


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