Thousands March Through Dublin Demanding Controls on Immigration

Thousands March Through Dublin Demanding Controls on Immigration

Yesterday, February 5 2024, was a bank holiday in Ireland and many Irish took to the streets to protest the mass migration they know to be destroying their communities. We remind readers that Dublin is the capital of Eire, not Northern Ireland, which is still a part of the UK. Although we found this interesting from RT yesterday – New Northern Irish leader predicts vote on leaving UK.

We do recommend listening to this 6-minute speech by Malachy Steenson, who gave a kick-off speech to the assembled protestors, to get a flavour of what is going down among Irish people who are awake and aware of what the globalists have done to Ireland. It’s powerful and clearly represents a critical sense of self-determination. Notice the value Steenson places on mothers —


Thousands of people attended a bank holiday march in Dublin today to call for restrictions on the numbers of people entering the state to claim asylum.

The crowd marched from the Garden of Remembrance to chants of “Who’s Streets? Our streets?” and “Leo, Leo, Leo; Out, Out, Out”.

At Custom House Quay, the march heard from speakers who called on the government to halt immigration,  and sang ‘A Nation Once Again’.

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Many of the people taking part held tricolours, and the amount of GAA county flags from across the country was noticeable in the crowd. There was considerable criticism of Sinn Féin from the crowd. (ER: Irish readers may want to correct us here but we believe Sinn Fein is part of the globalist agenda.)

One of the organisers of the march, Malachy Steenson, who has been at the forefront of the ongoing opposition to the accommodation centre in East Wall (ER: a region of Dublin where protests have taken place over the installation of an immigration centre), said that those who had held the counter-protest were ‘yesterday’s men’, and that polls showed those marching for immigration control were in the majority.


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“We sent a message to the NGOs and the political classes: that we have risen, and we won’t lie down anymore,” Mr Steenson said.

The size of the march and the noticeable absence of Sinn Féin members at the counter-protest  – with unconfirmed reports that Dublin members were told not to take part – is a further sign of the shift that has taken place over the issue of immigration control over the past number of months.

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Several of the speakers at the Custom House have declared themselves to be candidates in the June local and European elections.

A counter-protest which was organised by People Before Profit attracted an estimated 200 people. Speaking to the crowd, Richard Boyd Barrett said that refugees were welcome in Ireland.


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