To The Vaccinated People We Love

To The Vaccinated People We Love

Dylan Eleven |

This article is to be sent to loved ones, family members, co workers and friends who despite your massive efforts and best advice, decided to get the covid vaccine, and are still refusing to see the truth.

If this article is sent to you by someone you know; know that they sent this to you with love and to yet again try to save your life.

Because We Care, We Are Yet Again Trying To Help You.  Please Listen.

The unvaccinated did their due diligence and were proven right: The vaccine is a killer.  For their efforts they were shunned from families, from work and from society.  For trying to save those hell bent on taking a deadly vaccine, we have received huge abuse from those who we have simply tried to save.

At this point to come back again for another round of abuse and ridicule to try and help those who are now in a position of dealing with their vaccine decision, for many is too much.

Many people have given up on the vaccinated.

This is written to you because we have not given up on you.

We want you to live and be healthy.  So here we are again, trying to help you see the truth.


Because we love you and because you have a chance to do something to save yourself.

Because if you admit you made a mistake, even just to yourself; and take steps to do something about it, it may save your life.

If you don’t. If you continue to keep your head in the sand it may be a fatal decision.

This is not about “I told you so”. This is about your life and health and our love for you.

To bring you up to speed briefly:

  • The vaccine you took has proven to injure and kill millions of people world wide.
  • Excess death rates are up in direct correlation with vaccine uptake.
  • The side effects are widely understood by those who are actually looking.
  • 50% of Americans now believe the vaccine is causing the sudden deaths.
  • 1 in 4 known someone who died from the vaccine.
  • Nurses and doctors world wide are coming out and confirming the vaccine is a genocidal event.
  • We have seen people dropping dead at a scale that has never been seen.
  • 1,000+ healthy athletes dropping dead on the field etc.
  • Blood samples under the microscope prove damage.
  • Autopsy reports of unusual clotting have been documented.

The truth is out there.  The truth is known.  This is all due to the vaccine.

To get fully up to speed on what is going on;  has many articles documenting this genocide. There are also articles explaining detox solutions to be tried.

To you, the vaccinated person we love, there is something you can do, there is hope.

But first you have to admit, even just to yourself, that the vaccine could have harmed you or may harm you.

Then get a D-Dimer test as soon as possible.   This will show if your blood is micro clotting.

From there you can start your journey of hopefully recovery.

With love and because we care; please take your head out of the sand, please stop making excuses and ignoring the elephant in the room.

You made a mistake, we all do at some point.  The best thing to do is admit it and do something about it.

The 11 Steps For The Vaccinated

  1. Admit to yourself you may have an issue with the vaccine you took.
  2. Get a D-Dimer test done to see if your blood is micro-clotting.
  3. Read articles to better understand what is known.
  4. Research every detox and success of those trying to rid themselves of the vaccine.
  5. Detox the graphene oxide.
  6. Eat blood thinning foods and try everything you can to rid yourself of the vaccine.
  7. Recognize the efforts of the person/s who tried to warn you.
  8. Make amends.
  9. Pray.
  10. Get your estate in order.
  11. Tell others to do the same.

My father did not listen.  He banished me from the family for trying to warn him.  On his death bed, after a stroke and turbo cancer, he admitted to me it was the vaccine that has done this to him and he knew I was only trying to help.   For him it was too late.

Please don’t make the same mistake my father made.  Please listen to those who are trying to help you and please do something about it now.