Top Pfizer's Scientists Knew About The Risks But Were Silenced

Top Pfizer's Scientists Knew About The Risks But Were Silenced | Ethan Huff

Previously unpublished recordings from Project Veritas have surfaced that expose top Pfizer scientists discussing concerns they had about their company's Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "vaccines."

Justin Leslie, a Pfizer formulation analyst, sent the recordings to Project Veritas back in late 2021, but for whatever reason they were never published. Now, for the first time, you can hear them below:

One of the scientists heard talking in the above recording is Kanwal Gill, a principal scientist at Pfizer. Gill expressed worry about his company's use of mRNA (modRNA) technology given its extensive history of testing without any actual approved commercial use.

Gill described Pfizer's mRNA injections as "sneaky," warning that latent side effects from the jab could emerge long after a person gets injected. She also warned that the formulation process for Pfizer's mRNA injections was dramatically rushed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), all of which hinged upon the Trump regime's Operation Warp Speed scheme for rapid release.

Pfizer's mRNA injection for children: a different formulation

Another Pfizer scientist heard in the records is pharmaceutical formulation scientist Ramin Darvari, who expressed deep concerns about how repeated "booster" shot uptake could result in prolific damage to the cardiovascular system.

"It's going to affect my heart, and I'm going to die," Darvari said ominously. "And nobody's talking about that."

In 2021 when all of this was recorded, the bombshell information would have shocked the world. Today in 2024, millions of people, including those who took Pfizer's COVID jabs and now regret it, already well know that the shots were dangerous – only now there is this added proof from inside the belly of the beast that Pfizer's own scientists knew about the risks but were silenced.

Pfizer, in spite of the concerns of its own employees, declared its mRNA shots to have "no serious safety concerns," and the Trump regime, followed by the Biden regime, mass-distributed them at warp speed.

Another major revelation from the unearthed recordings is the fact that Pfizer's mRNA jab for adults is different than the one it developed for children. Last-minute changes were also made to all of the shots replacing their preservation "buffer" from "PBS" to "Tris," even though PBS is the one that was used in the company's clinical trials.

"Before they changed this last step of the formulation, the formula was to be kept at -80 degrees Celsius," Leslie confirmed about the change. "After they changed the last step, we kept them at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius."


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