Toxic Clouds Spew Down Acid Rain Following Ohio Train Derailment

Toxic Clouds Spew Down Acid Rain Following Ohio Train Derailment

People living miles from the toxic East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment are documenting acid rain falling from the sky after numerous industrial chemicals spread into the atmosphere.

In the wake of the massive derailment, officials performed a “controlled release” burning of hazardous, carcinogenic chemicals like vinyl chloride, sending plumes of toxic black smoke into the sky.

Concerned residents around the area and as far away as the East Coast of the United States soon thereafter began witnessing bizarre phenomena such as strange rainfall and rainbow-colored snowmelt.

One Ohio man using a water test kit discovered sulfate found in rain water he tested, which he explained is “pretty much acid.”

A Connecticut resident last week reported his vehicle was covered in acid rain.

Another person spotted acid rain on their car 70 miles southeast of the train derailment.

ESPN SportsCenter anchor Randy Scott reported the same happening, saying, “I worry whatever’s in the air in Ohio has made its way to New England.”

The same was documented in New Hampshire:

Also, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (about 50 miles southeast of East Palestine):

In Lexington, Kentucky, about 350 miles southwest of East Palestine, birds were found dead in a parking lot in a mass die-off:

“I never seen snow melt and be this color,” one Ontario resident documented on social media, adding, “It was on every road I went on around my house.”

The multi-colored snowmelt is similar to the rainbow patterns observed in creeks around East Palestine last week.

“Thanks Ohio,” wrote one Canadian on TikTok showing how rainbow-colored acid rain had formed ice on his truck.

As the massive airborne toxic event contaminates thousands of miles across the northeast, residents are pissed at the lack of accountability and the government’s inept response to the environmental crisis.

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