Treaties Wearing The Disguise Of “Agreements.”

Treaties Wearing The Disguise Of “Agreements.”

Jon Rappoport

I will now translate the latest pile of dog turds issued forth concerning the WHO pandemic treaty

The upcoming WHO “accords” depend on making Joe Biden’s shaky signature acquire the unconstitutional power of an international treaty—by calling it an “agreement”—bypassing the required 2/3 vote of the US Senate to ratify all treaties—and putting America under the gun whenever the WHO arbitrarily and unscientifically decides to declare new pandemics.

Under the gun means: massive lockdowns (ruination of the economy and millions of lives); compulsory masking, distancing, and testing; contact tracing (widespread surveillance); new killshot vaccines; and mandates forcing universal vaccination.

The Biden administration has now announced it is committed to signing this WHO “agreement” and binding the US to its orders, directives, and commands.

Pamela Hamamoto is the US ambassador to WHO. I don’t know how that’s possible, since the WHO is a bunch of unelected bureaucrats. She may as well be the ambassador to the Auto Club or US Dentists for Bovine Gum Implants. But legality and legitimacy are apparently not problems.

Pamela Hamamoto says: “The United States is committed to the Pandemic Accord, to form a major component of the global health architecture for generations to come. Shared commitment, shared aspirations and shared responsibilities will vastly improve our system for preventing, preparing for, and responding to future pandemic emergencies.”

TRANSLATION: We have to get every national government on board. It’s called Globalism. It’s medical dictatorship on a worldwide basis. We lock down Germany, so we lock down Italy, and Spain, and so on.

Pamela Hamamoto says: “We seek a Pandemic Accord that builds capacities; reduces pandemic threats posed by zoonotic diseases; enables rapid and more equitable responses; and establishes sustainable financing, governance, and accountability to ultimately break the cycle of panic and neglect.”

TRANSLATION: We issue the commands, and populations obey. The money for this will flow. On into the future. “Accountability” means: If any national government tries to weasel out of the “treaty,” they’ll face severe punishments. Breaking the cycle of panic and neglect means: we create panic about “pandemics” and we don’t neglect vaccinating a single human.

Pamela Hamamoto says: “There is a lot to build on in this draft related to these priorities. However, the draft is unbalanced toward response at the expense of prevention and preparedness. While we need to avoid duplicating substantive elements contained in the IHR [International Health Regulations], such as surveillance and alerts, we need to discuss how best to address pandemic prevention and preparedness here. These efforts should be mutually supportive and complementary.”

TRANSLATION: “Prevention and preparedness” mean: wall-to-wall global messaging, which controls and disseminates perpetual fear-porn about “viruses”; censoring free speech that exposes false science and government tyranny; equating criticism of governments with terrorism; government financially supporting citizens as long as said citizens abjectly obey all medical (and other) directives.

Pamela Hamamoto says: “We appreciate the focus on equity in Chapter III but also agree it must be better integrated across the draft. Our work must be inclusive and applicable for the improved health and wellbeing of all people. A commitment to ‘equity’ must address inequities not only between countries, but also within them.”

TRANSLATION: We have to drag black, brown, yellow, and red people into the mandatory medical framework of compulsory toxic vaccination and compulsory toxic drugs. They don’t escape the trap. We’ll say these “life-saving” treatments are free, because “the underserved communities” deserve “equity”. Give us your huddled masses, yearning to be vaccinated, and therefore injured and suddenly dead.

Pamela Hamamoto says: “[We must not have] ‘common but differentiated responsibilities and capabilities.’”

TRANSLATION: No nation can decide how to prepare for or handle a declared pandemic. The whole “treaty” depends on uniform action across the whole planet. Just as in, say, a military operation.

Pamela Hamamoto says: “Finally, the Pandemic Accord must stand the test of time while building on the lessons from previous pandemics. By creating solutions that are flexible and adaptable, by laying out commitments that are clear regarding triggers and responsibilities, and by strengthening coordination and capacities, together we can build a stronger global health architecture for all.”

TRANSLATION: This is a clue about what we’re really up to. The enforcement details of the “treaty” will change over time, but the signatures of all government leaders, once obtained, are permanent guarantees of compliance, far into the future. WHO Globalism will morph into a faceless coterie of invisible, international, predatory bureaucrats, controlling and forcing the bleak march of billions of people along a road of TOXIC MEDICAL TREATMENT that starts in the womb, and proceeds all the way to death. We are the medical cartel. We fly no political or partisan banners. As you will realize, we ARE the Brave New World. All humans are merely biological machines programmed by Nature. We will continue to alter and improve that programming. Our arbitrary declaration of pandemics is simply a strategy for attaining a kind of long-range POWER humanity has never seen.

That’s the true translation of the dog turds.

—Welcome to the show. When Biden sits down and affixes his signature to the WHO agreement, there will be court cases. All sorts of court cases. As there should be. Some will be filed by the state governors and their attorneys general, since the US Constitution enumerates SPECIFIC federal powers—none granting the President the right to sign treaties wearing the disguise of “agreements.” All other powers are reserved for the states and the people.

But beyond these court cases, the ultimate backup is outright resistance and rebellion by state Governors AND THE PEOPLE.

Don’t be fooled into thinking we can rely on the courts or any other legal mechanism to secure our freedom.

Governors will be pushed to the wall. And the brave ones will ultimately have to say, “We refuse to obey these WHO agreements under any and all circumstances. Now if you, the federal government, want to force us, you’ll have to INVADE OUR STATES WITH GROUND TROOPS. How do you think, how do you really think the people of America will view and react to such a move?”

Those who believe “the pandemic is over” and we’ve returned to normalcy are sadly, sadly mistaken. The COVID stage production was just one more phase in the war that has been going on since the beginning of history:

Free? Or not free?

Responsible for your own life? Or do others take that responsibility for you and away from you?

Victim? Or alive and accountable on your own ethical terms?

In the crucible, it’s said that everyone has a breaking point. If so, what is yours? How far will you go to stand firm and not yield?

Circumstances loom up, you look to your deepest convictions, and you find out.

We are the cure.

This is the war.


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