True Goal Of Pharma Ads On TV Is A Public Relation Lobbying Tactic To Buy Off The News, Not To Sell Drugs

True Goal Of Pharma Ads On TV Is A Public Relation Lobbying Tactic To Buy Off The News, Not To Sell Drugs 

If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many pharmaceutical commercials on American television, your curiosity has now been answered.

Hint: the primary goal is not to sell drugs.

It may or may not come as a surprise, but TV pharmaceutical ads are illegal in every country besides the United States and New Zealand. One of the reasons for that is a big concern that pharmaceutical advertising could influence editorial decisions within media organizations.

And it seems those concerns are very legitimate because former pharma insider Calley Means unveiled on the Tucker Carlson Network Friday that the true goal of pharma ads on TV is not to sell drugs but, instead, is a “public relation lobbying tactic, essentially, to buy off the news.” He described this as an “open secret” working for pharma.


TUCKER CARLSON: You’re saying that pharma buys TV spots not to convince people to ask for specific drugs from their physicians, but to subvert the news business?

CALLEY MEANS: This is an open secret working for pharma.

TUCKER CARLSON: I never thought of that.

CALLEY MEANS: This is an open secret working for pharma. This is an open secret. The kind of silly ads you see between the news breaks, the points of that is not — it’s largely to impact the customer. But the pharma has already got that. They’ve already bought off the doctors. They’re good on that.

No, this is an open secret. The news ad spending from pharma is a public relations lobbying tactic, essentially to buy off the news. They’re not investigating pharma. The news has become basically a referee. That you are a terrible anti-science luddite for asking why the shots that we require our kids to get, that fundamentally by their own advertising, change the immune system of that child for life…

To even ask that question, the news referees that and calls you anti-science. When the two largest vaccine makers in the country are literally criminal enterprises, GlaxoSmithKline and Merck, in the past five years, have settled two of the largest criminal penalties in American corporate history for bribing doctors and creating misleading research, who are the two largest vaccine makers. So you literally have the media playing referee that you can’t even ask a question.

TUCKER CARLSON: If you have a vaccine injury, and many people have, including some I know very well, even a profound vaccine injury, you’re not allowed to complain about it.

CALLEY MEANS: No, you’re “anti-science.”

TUCKER CARLSON: Even if it can be shown to us that this is a vaccine injury?

CALLEY MEANS: The media plays referee because they’re funded by so on all levels.

TUCKER CARLSON: This is very dark, Calley Means.

This video segment with Means and Carlson garnered over 3 million views on the 𝕏 platform. Means issued a brief statement in response:

“This is one of the most crucial points for every American to understand: The reason pharma money makes up more than 50% of TV news ad spending isn’t to influence you. It’s to influence the news itself. Pharma buys direct line to news editors and tech companies. I saw it.”

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