Trump, Supporter Of The Genocidal Covid Injections = Controlled Opposition

Trump, Supporter Of The Genocidal Covid Injections = Controlled Opposition

Dylan Eleven •

As I have been writing since before the covid vaccine roll out; Trump is controlled opposition.

Many have woken up to that idea during the last few years due to his support of the Covid fake pandemic, he knows there is no such thing as covid. And due to his support of the genocidal Covid injections. And what about the J6 people still in prison for rightfully protesting a rigged election?. Trump can spend millions defending himself on pretend charges so we think they hate him, but he cant lift a finger or spend a dime for the January 6th prisoners being detained and tortured to this day.

Trumps latest statement that the Covid injections are now being used to fight cancer. What? They are causing turbo cancers and he states the complete opposite. Sick. Arrest him for genocide.

What the fuck else proof do we need he is not on our side?. Wake up Trump supporters.

For the record I don't buy the Benjamin Fulford explanation of there being two Trumps; one supposedly supporting the vaccine. If actually there were two Trumps and one of them was saying things in his name that he does not agree with, why would he not publicly come out and say that guy is an imposter?

The answer to all the mental gymnastics that Trump supporters do about the vaccine is that he knows it's a killer, he knew from the start, and he is complicit in genocide.

I have not spoken personally to Benjamin Fulford, but it seems he gets very good intel and he has been correct on a lot of subjects in the past. But I find more and more lately there are statements of his like the two Trumps that do not hold up to logic, which he states and brushes over quickly.

I have been a journalist for 18 years. I have been studying the worlds events since before that as a stockbroker. In all my years of research and reading there is one person who I find myself continually on the same side of a subject. That person is David Icke. He has also been calling out Trump since the beginning. I am glad to see his sons are also voices of truth and are people who really get it. Another person who seems to really understand what is going on is an associate of theirs Richard Willett. | Richard Willett

You are faced with a bloke serving the swamp BIG-TIME with the fake vaccine. You then support him because he says he wants to drain the swamp.

Ignore what he does and only hear what he says. You are faced with a bloke filling the heavens with low-orbit satellites and developing brain implants, both essential to the mind-control of the AI human. You then support him because he says he wants freedom. Ignore what he does and only hear what he says. And a few can’t control the world? DODDLE.

This where Trump looses people. He just can’t quite grasp that many of his supporters are not fans of the experimental vaccine he still praises himself for.

— Ryan Gerritsen🇨🇦🇳🇱 (@ryangerritsen) March 8, 2024

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