“Trust me, I’m an expert” – the degenerate “doctors” who will tell you what they are paid to tell you

“Trust me, I’m an expert” – the degenerate “doctors” who will tell you what they are paid to tell you

The Liberty Beacon  /  Steve Cook

Amid the morass of lies and corruption that has been made of “medicine” and “health” by dishonest governments and their puppet masters of the pharmaceutical-industrial CoNplex, a  key strand of this  ongoing con game is the use of “experts”.

So-called experts are used to ram home the corrupt  and often deadly orthodoxy much as priests of old mesmerised the flock into acceptance of whatever orthodoxy was desired by the dark minds who had hijacked religion and turned it from a liberating force into a mechanism of enslavement.

The trick is very simple and once it is seen for what it is and understood, it loses its power. It is concisely explained here by veteran freedom warrior Dr Vernon Coleman who has seen the psyop at work from the inside for many years.

Dr Coleman’s website is well worth a visit if you are interested in the views of a thoroughly honorable and humanitarian professional.

Most ‘Experts’ are ‘Bought’ – and simply say what they’re paid to say

by Dr Vernon Coleman, 2nd June 2022

It is frighteningly easy to become an ‘expert’. When I was in my 20s and newly qualified I was regularly described as a ‘world famous expert’ or a ‘leading expert’ whenever I was quoted in the media.

At least I was only ever giving my opinion based on the facts which were available – I have never been paid or otherwise bribed to offer an opinion or a particular point of view.

There is a certain amount of irony in the fact that now I am much older, and I hope wiser and better informed, I am never invited to give my opinion on TV or radio shows or for the press.

The mainstream media prefers its experts to stick to the official and accepted line on whatever topic is under discussion.

What viewers, listeners and readers don’t know is that many so-called experts have been bought and paid for, and when they open their mouths they are merely saying what they’ve been told to say by their employers.

The drug industry has an army of doctors who will say whatever they are required to say – in return for a large cheque, a holiday abroad or a new television set. Special agencies offer these so-called experts to media groups who are looking for someone who can provide an apparently expert view. Television reporters, radio presenters and newspaper journalists like the fact that these experts work free of charge because they are paid by their sponsors. The ‘experts’ are known as ‘rent a quote experts’.

Taken from Medical Heretics by Vernon Coleman – available as a paperback.

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