Trying To Hide Covid Era Human Rights Abuses + Vaccine Genocide By Labeling The Truth "Misinformation" Further Proves Complicity In Genocide

Trying To Hide Covid Era Human Rights Abuses + Vaccine Genocide By Labeling The Truth "Misinformation" Further Proves Complicity In Genocide

Dylan Eleven •

Trying to label the truth about the covid scam that we all witnessed, flu renamed, fake virus that was never proven to exist anywhere on earth, the lockdown farce, satanic masking, destruction of our businesses, human rights violations, medical fraud, medical murder protocols, and massive excess cancers, injuries, disabilities and deaths due to the vaccine; as missinformation is pathetic and further proves complicity in genocide.  

Are any of the masses falling for this crap? .... Probably.  

The asleep sheeple will embrase the book burning fury with vigour.  In their brain damaged state, due to excessive masking resulting in oxygen deprevation, coupled with the vaccine induced blood clots in the brain; they will choose the path of least resistance and try to save face.  They will embrase the term "misinformation" just as they have spewed the term "conspiracy theorist" at any sign of true journalism since the Kennedy assassination.  

They will demand the truth be silenced and champion the rights of the oppressors to silence the missinformation scurge that threatens their very ego and bubble they don't want popped.

That is why such a seemingly pathtic approach is being taken.  

None of the covid nonsense made any rational sense, yet 3/4 of the planet went along with it anyway.

This will be no different.

It is not just the evil few that threaten humanity.  It is also the brain dead masses who choose self ignorance over truth.

In reality this pathetic attempt at hiding the truth should be laughed off and provide further proof of their guilt in geonocide.

Anyone promoting the vaccine still and denying the truth we have all witnessed is still showing themeslves to be an enemy of the people.

It is very clear to anyone who's job it is to be arresting geocidal murderors who the guilty are; as they are still openly aligining themeselves with the covid lie and vaccine genocide.

It could not be simpler for them to be identified for their crimes.  They are openly admitting it.   Where are the arrests?.  

The silent complicity of the police and military is deafening.  If you are not doing your job, get out of the way for those who will.  

All of these institutions have lost credibility.  They are proving to be slaves to the cabal and are participating in the destruction of the human race.

Canadian Medical Association Journal article calls for governments to “address the risks of misinformation” online

Reclaim The Net  /  Didi Rankovic

An article published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) has undertaken a formidable task: to engage in lockdown revisionism – while stating that it is fighting lockdown revisionism.

The lockdown here refers to the radically restrictive, invasive and long-lasting measures the authorities put in place during the Covid pandemic, but the article believes that the very word “lockdown” has now gained not only a powerful, but also “perverted” meaning.

Talk about “perverted” use of language – this development which worries CMAJ has taken place not only during the pandemic, but during “the infodemic.”

For those not in the know, “infodemic” is a pandemic-era neologism pushed by the likes of the World Health Organization (WHO) et al., meant to signify “an overabundance of information – some accurate and some not – that makes it hard for people to find trustworthy sources and Access to the right reliable guidance when they need it.”

In other words, people don’t know what’s good for them, and in come all sorts of “trustworthy sources” to sort “the truth” out for them; the CMAJ article in particular wants to deal with “misinformation on lockdowns” and calls that – “lockdown revisionism.”

It is this – rather than any actions taken by governments – that has eroded trust in public health initiatives over the past three years, the journal is convinced.

The article’s authors also curiously insisted on peppering it with the mention of “democratic governments” engaging in these initiatives, possibly to bolster the “trustworthiness” of their own argument here (in reality, all sorts of governments did this – and some viewed as democratic then, did not emerge from the pandemic with that image unscathed.)

The CMAJ wants these “good” governments to now do more controversial things, such as, put euphemistically, “address the risks” of what is seen as misinformation amplification on social media.

Some of this “misinformation,” specifically regarding lockdowns as a tool of repression, not only physical, but also intellectual (considering censorship faced by those expressing their skepticism on those social sites), is defined pretty well – although, clearly from CMAJ’s point of view, as a negative phenomena (“elements of outlandish conspiracies”).

Things like this: “Lockdowns have been framed as reckless and unscientific, as junk science, as an excuse to permanently oppress populations, as gaslighting with ever-shifting goalposts.”

If that sounds about right, the CMAJ considers you a misinformation peddler with possibly a knack for outlandish conspiracies.

And now, how to fix that?

“Governments could consider strategies — including increased regulatory scrutiny — to address the risks of misinformation being amplified on social media,” is one of the ideas presented in the article.

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