Turbo Brain Cancer Due to University COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in the United States

Turbo Brain Cancer Due to University COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in the United States

Three tragic cases


Dr. William Makis | Substack.com

Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines cause Turbo Brain Cancers, which, in my estimation are in the Top 3 Turbo Cancers caused by mRNA jabs.

The tragic story of University of Maine at Fort Kent student Leann Kaiser is unique and very important because it has these elements:

  1. She was forced to take COVID-19 Vaccines due to illegal COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates forced on her by the University, where she attended a Bachelor of Science program.
  2. She believes the COVID-19 Vaccines, which she didn’t want, caused her brain cancer or contributed to it.
  3. She provides imaging of her brain tumor.

It is very rare that we get a clear story of forced vaccination, with the vaccine victim realizing the damage done by the vaccines, and then photographic evidence of the Turbo Cancer itself.

Jan. 13, 2024 – Easton, ME – 35 year old Leann Kaiser 



“I’m Leann, a 35-year-old female who was recently diagnosed with a very large tumor on the left frontal and parietal lobes in the meninges of my brain. The tumor encases the sagittal sinus and is resting on the body of the corpus callosum and has created its own copycat bundle of collateral veins. I am no longer able to work very much at this time and will subsequently miss days of work due to the upcoming appointments in preparation for surgery.”

“I am a recent graduate of NMCC (2021-associates of arts) and UMFK (2023-bachelors of science), where I earned a 3.89 GPA at both schools, was consistently on the dean’s list, received special honors, recognition, and awards, and graduated as the top student in my program at both schools. I also still currently work part time for 5 hours, 2 days/week as a tutor at NMCC. Before this diagnosis, I was pursuing a career with the Aroostook Mental Health Center to become a substance abuse and mental health counselor for the Residential Treatment Facility in our area; however, these plans were put on hold in light of my recent diagnosis and need for emergency brain surgery”


“I believe this tumor is a direct result of the Covid vaccine, which I never wanted and immediately stopped getting shots of after I was no longer mandated to have it anymore by the school and would not have to worry about facing any consequences such as not being able to set foot on campus anymore if I didn’t have it. If the vaccine wasn’t the cause, I still believe that it may have significantly contributed to what happened.”

This all started last February when the saliva glands under either side of my jawline became swollen to the size of small eggs and created a few nodules along the midline of my throat/thyroid. It also created a vein that ran from the right gland all the way up to behind my right ear. While not painful, it was still very concerning and shortly after, I started waking up with top of the foot/calf cramps and was afraid to stretch my legs in the morning because of it. By May, I started waking up up to 3 times a night and had foot spasms lasting up to 3 minutes each time.

This progressed into conscious seizures that went up the entire right side of my body. These were involuntarily muscle contractions—spasms that would travel from my toes/foot to my calf/knee, then hip, and finally would end with my neck jerking to the right. This includes the involuntary contraction of different muscle groups in rapid succession, and all you can do is flail around during this time and wait for it to be over while your body becomes physically exhausted from the workout. Shortly thereafter, I not only experienced this several times a night, but occasionally during the daytime as well. The spasms and conscious seizures resulted in a condition called foot drop that alters your gait and ability to walk, so by June, I was tripping over my own toes, dragging my right leg behind me, lost the ability to run away from predators, experiencing muscle weakness and numbness in my leg and the outer two toes, had pain in the ligament down the outside of my leg, and I couldn’t go anywhere without shoes on because I needed to avoid stepping on my own dead toes—sustained pieces of useless meat that try to fold under themselves all the time. Constantly stretching to try to prevent or avoid spasms and seizures from coming on quickly became my new reality. In the case of conscious seizures, I can often feel what’s called an “Aura,” which is like a warning or a rush of fear and anxiety that washes over you before the seizure starts. I can no longer voluntarily turn my ankle to the left or right anymore, it sometimes kicks out when I walk or rolls to the side causing me to fall over, and the ligament frequently gives out at the knee, which sometimes causes my leg to become very bouncy if I put any weight on it. By July, I could tell that the poison had entered into my brain, and I started to get shooting headache-like pains throughout my head multiple times a day.

I also experienced many abnormal sensations throughout this whole time in several different places of my body, such as a burning sensation of nerves, and a permanently bruised spot that developed on my lower back/spine. I acquired intense episodes of vertigo in July also, that has persisted along with the swollen saliva glands and subsequent symptoms of foot drop. Episodes of vertigo cause me to get dizzy and almost blackout if I scooch down and stand back up too fast or if I turn around or to the side too abruptly, which doesn’t have to be very abruptly at all. More recently, I started losing my vision several times a day, with it going blurry or bright white, feeling like the pupils are dilated. The tumor is sitting on my vision center and in a place where it can cause physical and cognitive impairment, seizures, or memory loss. I’m very concerned about possibly going completely blind before I have the surgery, which is scheduled for February 20th, four days after my 36 birthday.

UMFK COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate 2022:

UMFK COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate 2021:


May 2023 – Analucia Cabanillas Cespedes was diagnosed with a Grade 3 gemistocytic astrocytoma on June 15, 2021, and a 7.5cm tumor was surgically removed.

She went on to pursue nursing school at University of Florida which mandated COVID-19 Vaccines (to be able to do rotations in the hospitals).

In May 2023 she was diagnosed with a new brain tumor, a Grade 4 Glioblastoma which is inoperable, has affected her mobility and has confined her to a wheelchair. It is “the size of a pear”.

April 28, 2023 – Athens, GA – 21 year old University of Georgia Senior student Liza Burke had brain bleed on March 10, 2023 while on vacation in Mexico, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma on her brainstem, and died 4 weeks later on April 28, 2023 (click here).

  • It doesn’t appear University of Georgia mandated COVID-19 Vaccines for their students but did mandate it for all employees including student employees
  • Should a University be legally liable for pressuring but not mandating?

Ed Dowd – England and Wales Cancer Deaths:


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