U.K. Police Investigation: They Knew of the Harms Covid Vaccines Were Causing in June and September 2021

U.K. Police Investigation: They Knew of the Harms Covid Vaccines Were Causing in June and September 2021

Global Research  /  Mark Sexton

It must also be borne in mind, there is credible evidence that proves many ministers and senior civil servants also knew.

Smearing and suspending Andrew Bridgen pales into insignificance when the public, police and all MP’s find out the above two senior government ministers knew, but did nothing. We have to ask, why didn’t they stop the vaccines when they knew about harm, injury and death they were causing?

The truth has to be exposed and those trying to expose it protected and supported. This the tip of an enormous iceberg. There is so much more.

In June 2021 evidence was provided to Nadhim Zahawi MP – ‘vaccine minister’ at his constituency office in Stratford Upon Avon and acknowledged by him. The evidence was referencing Dr Bryam Bridle a consultant working on the COVID vaccines. Dr Bridle sent out a worldwide public warning demanding the vaccines are stopped immediately because the spike protein is not staying at the injection site. They are attacking the main organs, causing heart attacks and in particular and of huge concern damaging the lining of the uterus and the ovaries.

Within a few hours of him receiving this damning evidence Zahawi went live on national television saying the vaccine uptake is excellent and for everyone to keep taking them. No reference was made to the concerns of Dr Bridle. The reason he went on national TV is because a live video on Facebook that very same day was made and went viral. It was made by retired PC Mark Sexton, who delivered and referred to the evidence in person, by hand, to Zahawi’s Secretary. Emails detailing the evidence were also sent by Sexton and acknowledged.

In September 2021 a meeting took place at Number 1 Birdcage Walk in Westminster. At this meeting there were sixteen world renowned experts, ten in the room and the remainder on a Zoom conference call. Virologists, immunologists, medical doctors including one GP, professors, a barrister, two lawyers, and a funeral director. Andrew Bridgen MP was due to be at the meeting but had to pull out at short notice for personal reasons. The meeting took place and Sir Graham Brady was there in person. For two hours solid Brady heard damning testimony and irrefutable evidence from these experts about the harm, injury and death the vaccines are causing. Individually and as a collective they all demanded the cessation/pausing of the vaccines.

Sir Graham agreed he would get answers to the very serious questions the experts were raising. It was agreed the group would provide Brady with a list of questions and he would get answers from Parliament and get back to them. This was Brady’s suggestion.

Two of the doctors spent three days putting together sixty seven very important questions that needed answering. The questions were sent to Brady by Sexton as instructed and duly acknowledged. Despite numerous requests for answers Brady never provided any answers to these questions; in fact Brady from then on ignored all correspondence.

Three days later there was a full news article in MSM that Sir Graham Brady met a number of ‘anti- vaxers’ at a location in London.

Of huge significance, on the day of the meeting in September 2021 on leaving and walking back to Parliament, Brady was joined by Mark Sexton. Sexton organised and chaired the meeting.

Sexton advised Brady that, if the public were to find out about the damage the vaccines were causing with the full knowledge of government there would be riots and serious disorder on the streets of the U.K. Brady’s response – “We thought that would have happened by now.”

Also in June 2021, Nadhim Zahawi made contact with Warwickshire Police to make a complaint of harassment believed to be against Sexton. No criminal complaint was raised. However, it was no coincidence that in June 2021 Sexton made a criminal complaint to Warwickshire police of “Misconduct in public office” against Nadhim Zahawi. The reason cited was that Zahawi knew of the harms and death the vaccines were causing but ignored the evidence allowing the harm, injury and death to continue.

Witness statements were provided to Detective Superintendent Peter Hill at Warwickshire Police that fully supported Sexton’s allegations. Statements came from Dr Mike Yeadon, former Vice- President of Pfizer UK for seventeen years, Dr Tess Lawrie an independent medical researcher, lawyer Clare Wills Harrison and Dr Tee. Their expert evidence in statement form was damning and cause for the deepest concern. The evidence was ignored by Detective Superintendent Peter Hill. He refused to contact the above expert witnesses or discuss their evidence. Hill decided there was no evidence to support a criminal complaint.

Warwickshire police then put out an internal email to all staff about how to deal with Sexton if he entered any Warwickshire Police station. Sexton was seen as a nuisance, an ‘anti-vaxer’ and someone who had clearly ‘lost the plot’. Bear in mind that Sexton’s former employer was Warwickshire Police. All further correspondence to Warwickshire police has been ignored.

Nadhim Zahawi was provided with extra police security and reassurances. Why? Sexton was no threat; he was always smart, polite, professional and at no point threatening in person or via email. Videos show this very clearly.

In December 2021, two lawyers, a GP and a retired police officer attended Hammersmith police station and made a criminal complaint against the MHRA and the GMC. The evidence was damning. A crime number was issued. This criminal investigation became public knowledge and it went viral, with significant interest and input from dozens of countries from around the world.

Some persons in those countries were wishing to replicate the criminal complaint in order to stop their governments continuing to harm their people.

Hammersmith CID provided the above four with an electronic drop box to submit the evidence. Over a two month period tens of thousands of documents, links, peer reviewed papers, videos, statements, witness details and dozens of testimonies from world experts were provided for Hammersmith CID. A further twenty one offences were identified, fifteen offenders were named that included government ministers, civil servants, media bosses and senior serving police officers.

The evidence submitted was so vast, irrefutable and damning, two detectives at Hammersmith CID said on the 5th of January 2022 that it was so big an investigation and too big for The Metropolitan Police, that it would need to be dealt with by outside agencies (MI5/6, Special Branch, National Crime Squad etc.)

In February 2022 after two months of the so called police investigation, it was shut down. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors and Detective Superintendent Tor Garnett decided there was no evidence of criminality.


1. No world experts were contacted nor spoken to, despite many of them being acknowledged by Superintendent Jon Simpson assistant to Commissioner Cressida Dick. He in turn forwarded all correspondence to the team of detectives at Hammersmith police station.

2. Approximately four hundred witness and victim statements were obtained and provided to the ‘Met’ by lawyer Lois Bayliss. These statements included NHS and care home whistleblowers and three GP’s. Not one of these witnesses or victims were contacted or spoken to by the Met police.

3. An independent, fully documented forensic report detailing the toxic contents of the vaccine vials was provided to the Metropolitan police and ignored.

4. The four original informants were never spoken to or required to discuss the evidence at any time with any Hammersmith detective.

5. None of the identified and named offenders were contacted or spoken to by Hammersmith CID. The Metropolitan police have knowingly perverted the course of justice to protect the named offenders that include Boris Johnson, ‘Matt’ Hancock, Nadhim Zahawi, Chris Whitty, Patrick Valance, Graham Brady, June Raine, Cressida Dick to name but a few.

Complaints made to The Metropolitan Police and Warwickshire police have been ignored. Complaints made to the IOPC (independent office of police conduct) have been made, accepted, reference numbers issued, but also ignored.

Evidence has been submitted to and acknowledged by,

Baroness Hallett chair of the independent investigation into the government’s handling of COVID -19.
The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.
The police federation of England and Wales.
The police federation for the Metropolitan police.
UK Health Security Agency

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, NHS Yellow card scheme.
Association of Police and Crime Commissioners.
Hugo Keith senior barrister.
Theresa Coffey health minister.
West Midlands Police, West Yorkshire Police, Suffolk Police, Avon and Somerset police, Dorset Police, Hampshire Police, Leicestershire Police, Northumbria police, Cumbria police, North Wales Police, South Wales Police, Staffordshire Police, Merseyside Police, Greater Manchester Police.
Plus all other police forces throughout the U.K.

Every single police force, government minister, regulatory body, federation and civil servant is aware of the vast evidence of harm, injury and death as a result of the vaccines. All are also aware of the most serious crimes ever committed by government, all ignoring the evidence and allowing these crimes to continue unabated.

This is the tip of the iceberg; everything referred to above is fully documented and evidenced by more than one source.

The newspaper article re Sir Graham Brady meeting with so called anti-vaxers is attached. And so too is Dr Bryam Bridle’s article from the 2nd of June 2021 sounding the alarm. Also on the 10th of June 2021 there is a live video on Sexton’s Facebook page of him at Zahawi’s constituency office in Stratford Upon Avon. His Facebook is open to the public.

(Mention of the horrific evidence of the murder of the elderly in care homes using midazolam and morphine and not from COVID is not included.)

Mark Sexton is a retired police constable.

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