Under An Ionised Sky

Under An Ionised Sky

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This is a 2 page extract from a book passed on to me by Martin R, “Under a Toxic Sky” by Elana Freeland. It is very well worth while reading this short extract below, to understand the so-called geo-engineering programme is all part of making us the Internet of Things. Those that haven’t had the jab will be affected as well, hence the need for a regular detox. Extract below:-

Under An Ionised Sky 

Elana Freeland

The genotoxicity (damage to DNA) of engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) may be the most concerning, particularly for future generations. A 2013 paper in Environmental Science and Technology points to metal oxide nanoparticles, fullerenes (molecules of carbon in the form of hollow spheres, ellipsoids, tubes, etc.) and carbon nanotubes—all of which are implicated in chemical fullerenes assemble and replicate, delivering and embedding their programmed metamaterials and pharma agents directly into the host’s DNA.

—it is currently postulated that ENPs cause nonspecific oxidative damage and that the resulting stress may be the predominant cause of DNA damage and subsequent genotoxicity.

This self-assembly process is called Teslaphoresis and sounds disturbingly like descriptions by Morgellons sufferers of the self-assembling fibre networks building grids throughout their bodies and at times erupting from their scalps, gums, and skin. Teslaphoresis depends upon a Tesla coil force field for remote directives to carbon nanotubes to self-assemble and extend in long wires that can be magnetically reeled in and out.

Electric fields have been used to move small objects, but only over short distances. (Rice University chemist)Paul Cherukuri said, “With Teslaphoresis, we have the ability to massively scale up force fields to move matter remotely. There are so many applications where one could utilize strong force fields to control the behaviour of matter in both biological and artificial systems.

Telephoresis nanowires grow and act like nerves. simultaneously assembling and creating circuits powered by force field energy. Cherukuri mentions how patterned surfaces and multiple Tesla coil systems could create more complex self-assembling circuits from nanoscale-sized particles’—like what is being delivered by chemical trails. GMO foods, and vaccinations.

Disseminating nanoparticles makes sense if your objective is an “integrated technology” matrix for a socio-biological “battlespace” AI-programmed programmed for surveillance, detection, and two-way communication. Think gigaflop microprocessors the size of molecules. MEMS (micro-electro-programmable systems) and GEMS (global environmental MEMS) smart sensors microprocessor systems, (computers), and magneto-electric nanoparticles (MENs) gravitating to neurons in the brain.

We are now in the realm of opto-genetics and deep brain simulation (DBS), manipulation of brain cell activity by switching brain cells on and off remote light or magnetic fields. All that is needed is optical nanofibers to deliver light to the brain, plus gold nanoparticles and nano-rods and convert it to heat. Iron oxide nano-particulates (and other heavy metal oxides) give off heat when exposed to an alternating magnetic field causing the neurons to fire long trains of nervous impulses.

Thus we can begin to piece together why military intelligence has bent over backwards to deceive the public about nanotechnology and the chemical trails. Wires, RFIDs and implants are no longer necessary; remote access can obtained and maintained by creating an external magnetic field in which magnetic nanoparticles stimulate and respond to other magnetic fields outside (in vitro) and inside (in vivo) the body to create signalling networks that control ion channels, neurons, and behaviour.

The campaign to convince the public that controlling machines by thought alone is “progress” flies in the face of the shouting inverse: that all of it—the chemical trails loaded with conducting metals and nano-bots. the nano GMO food additives, the cell phones and towers, the Internet of Things—is blasting us toward a Transhumanist future in which tiny machines and their AI gods remote-control our brains.

The deployment of trillions of nano-bots above and in our atmosphere with no proof of safety is a planetary crime whose magnitude is difficult to measure—a crime for which neither national nor international judiciary systems are prepared, a crime that makes twentieth-century Nazi crimes of extermination and experimentation seem juvenile and clumsy.

We are being besieged by “metamaterial assemblies” that debilitate the planetary biosphere built and maintained for untold eons by an extraordinary spiritual power we call Nature. The unstudied synergies forming among the chemicals, radiation, nanos, and living beings are leaving chronic immune deficiency illnesses and dying species in their secret wake. Nano-scale chemicals combine and share ions with carbons, sunlight, radio waves, bacteria, mould fungi, and algae, then mutate and integrate with DNA, mutating it in the process Mutations are inevitable when nanoscale thorium, strontium, aluminium barium, lithium, silver, styrene, polymers, liposomes, hydrogels, etc. overload cell communication.

“Smart dust” detects earthquakes and tracks weather systems, predicts traffic flow, monitors energy use, and measures vibration, sound, temperature, and chemical signatures, and wireless sensor networks (netscapes or mesh)….End of Extract

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