Unity • Then or Now

Unity • Then or Now

Dylan Eleven • Truth11.com

95% of humanity is actually currently united;  most just don't know it yet.  In order for true unity to be realized a precedent of historically set events usually has to be gone through.  Global war by conscription, artificial famines, resulting in civil war and eventually the hanging of the genocidal fews low hanging fruit to appease the masses into believing they won.

But this journey that history has shown to be a repeatable formula for carnage is part of the genocidal plan for humanity and only benefits the few rulers of the planet.

We are in an unprecedented time in history due to our ability to communicate via the Internet that can allow us to learn this lesson from history, adapt and react differently.   Skip the global wars, civil wars and further genocide and go right to the root of the problem, now.

Our Current Unity

The reality is 95% of the worlds population are already united.  We are not united under one name, one banner or specific website or organization. We are united in goal.

95% of the people of the world want to be healthy, happy, have a home, food, water, entertainment, enjoyable employment, abundance, joy, friends, family, good times.  We want truth, accountability and honour.  We don't want to be killed by some corrupt bastard or have our lives negatively affected by anyone.  We don't want to be killed by genocidal vaccines and we want our food to provide real benefits for our health. And we want our friends and family to enjoy the same.

The reality is we can achieve these shared goals.  But a few people out there do not want this for others, they want it only for themselves.

The satanist genocidal few are standing in our way because the have convinced their minions that this time, their plans for world domination will work.  Yet the rulers at the top of their food chain know Biden, Trudeau, Schwab, Gates, Jabbing Doctors, Army, Cops, etc.. are all dispensable and will eventually swing from the gallows.

As history has shown, totalitarianism may work for a while but eventually after millions of senseless deaths from war, famine and other artificial atrocities that the few want us to go through; their minions will eventually hang and the illusion of peace will prevail, while still leaving the root of the problem intact.

They want us to kill each-other in race wars.  They want us to start to defend our borders against invaders hidden in crowds of innocent people who just want a better life.  They want us to be conscripted into world war III in every country.  They want civil war.   Because all of these things are forms of population control.  They all further the genocide agenda.

People will eventually unite but do we really have to go through what the elite want us to in order to get there.  Especially knowing we are already united in our goals.

We must not give them what they want.  We need to use our knowledge of the past combined with the understanding of their plot to turn this war into a focus on them only.

We are not divided. The only "us and them" is 5% trying to kill 95% of us.  

Knowing this truth, we see our true enemy and our true unity.

This knowledge must bring a new formula to be applied, to unite us all now.

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