The Whole World Is A Stage • Example of Two Actors Currently On Set

The Whole World Is A Stage  • Example of Two Actors Currently On Set

Dylan Eleven •

The whole world is a stage.  All actors work together on the production.  Some pretend to be the good guys and some pretend to be the bad ones.  Just like in any movie.

In a movie we see Tom Cruise punching a guy and the other guy fighting back.  We are made to assume they are on different sides so we assign those roles while watching the movie.  In reality they are both actors who work for the same movie producers and are working on the same set.  Actors technically lie while acting:  e.g. "My name is Jack Reacher" spoken by Tom Cruise is actually not true.  

The world is the same.   It is a giant stage production of actors reading their lines (lies), pretending to be on different sides; while in reality they all work for the same people.

On this world stage they keep people distracted with "us and them" strategies, con jobs and shell games.

They are running the short con, the long con, small cons and big ones.  All fueld by lies, world wide propaganda machines, pedophilia, satanism, blackmail, corruption and fake money control mechanisms.

To cover up the con jobs they run shell games to confuse the masses in an attempt to keep them from seeing the truth.

Below is an example of one distraction shell game on stage currently.  

Two actors pretending to be on different sides.  Both working to re-enforce their own positions.  One as internet censor czar and one as internet free speech guru.  

They reveal things about the other to try to show they are on different sides, but the revelations are obvious and already known.  = No big prize at the end of a distraction shell game. The exact purpose and goal of the distraction.

Current shell game example on stage now:

Musk Vs Trudeau

Musk pretends to be for free speech yet he is not.  Twitter accounts remain suspended. (Ours included).  He wants to chip people in the brain, has a fake space company and a car company that produces inefficient cars that can blow up on the side of the highway in bigger explosions than we have seen in the past with normal combustion engines.  

EV Malfunction On The Side Of The Highway | Why would anyone buy an electric vehicle if this is possible. 

Yet he is supposed to be a champion of the people, attacking establishments and media companies in the name of free speech.  

Recently Musk has called out CBC for being government funded.  (Which they are 70% funded by the government, they are not independent media).

Then the next actor steps in and joins the stage production:

Trudeau attacks Musk by openly lying; claiming that CBC is an “independent media organization,” (70% funded by the Canadian government).

Then a quick cameo from another shill shell game player, Poilievre, who jumps in on the game to pretend he is on the other side and further his agenda, while confusing the masses more:

Pierre Poilievre, Canada’s conservative [controlled] opposition leader, tweeted about the Twitter move on CBC, noting that “now people know that it is Trudeau propaganda,” Source;

In this shell game distraction, all that has transpired is Trudeau is shown to be a liar again, nothing new, and Musk gets to pretend he is on the side of free speech, which he is not.  = No beneift to anyone, except to distract you and further the pretenses that they are not on the same team; all without actually hurting the overall cause.  

A debate with a free speech liar (Musk) against a media controlling liar (Trudeau) about a complicit in genocide company (CBC) funded (70%) by a corrupt government is not the real issue.  It is a distraction from the real issue.

The real issue is that Trudeau and the Canadian government paid the media to help them perform genocide on their own population with the fake Covid scam and killer vaccine.  And Musk is still against free speech depsite claims otherwise.  

Trudeau, the CBC and those responsible in Canadian government should be arrested for thier role in genocide.  And twitter should be boycotted for still being against free speech.

The truth is known, their complicity in genocide proven.  The whole world is a stage, they all work for the same people, towards the same goals, on both sides. What we need to do is stop the production of cons and shell games altogether.  

Don't belive any of them.

Boycott them all.  

Do not comply.

Tune Out. Ignore.

Fire and Arrest.