The world has woken up to the Climate Scam

The world has woken up to the Climate Scam

The Expose  |  Rhoda Wilson

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (“BoM”) caught red-handed cooking the temperature books.  A FOI request, which the BoM was fighting in court, reveals the agency’s newer electronic probes give readings 0.7C above traditional mercury thermometers.

Referring to reports that 97% of published scientific papers support the so-called consensus on man-made global warming based on a paper by John Cook et al, Australian science commentator, Joanne Nova, said:  “They tell us 97% of climate scientists agree, but they don’t tell us that that’s only 75 people. We can name 31,500 scientists who agree with us!”

During an interview with What’s Your Voyage in August 2022, Geologist Ian Plimer explains why your electricity bills are so expensive these days:  “This is one of the biggest scams that’s ever existed.”

Here it is – right here …… If you think this has always happened then you’re an idiot.

The great climate scam to lock you down.

Using a graph published by Science in 2019, Earth’s hottest period was 600 million years ago, pre-humans. The Climate Change crowd started blaming humans the past 100 years.

Natural Healing destroys the climate change narrative with their own numbers. The climate lie is so laughable, I can’t comprehend how any sane person can fall for it.  And chemtrails are fine but cows farts are gonna kill us all!

A week ago, US Congressman Doug LaMalfa asked witnesses at a House Transportation Committee a simple question …

During a 2009 interview with New Mexico in Focus, Geologist, Astronaut and former US senator Harrison Schmitt said: “There’s no clear scientific evidence at all to link a CO2 rise to any kind of temperature rise. In fact, it correlates much more closely with solar activity than it does with anything caused by CO2.”

Source: Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology caught red handed cooking the temperature books

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